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  1. Right now I am assuming that Case Western has either waitlisted or rejected me?? I had a phone interview on 1/21 but have not heard from them since. I know I got through that first GPA/GRE threshold. Really not sure what is going on. Thankfully, I already received an offer and fellowship from UB otherwise I would be pretty distressed as it is getting kind of late in the game to receive word.
  2. More great news's today! I received notice from UB that I won a "presidential" fellowship which bestows me a an extra 8k stipend for a total of 28k per academic year! I am in disbelief and so grateful!
  3. Happy to report that today I received my first acceptance from the University at Buffalo! Was notified via email, and just waiting in the official acceptance letter. Still waiting on Case Western.
  4. I received an email saying I got a phone interview with Case Western on 1/20! Very happy!
  5. I would say any journal with an impact factor of 1 or higher. My publications are in Health & Social work which is generally well-regarded...
  6. Thank you for the encouragement! At this point I have two second author publications (though they are editorials, not research experiments) and a couple in progress to be submitted. Master's GPA 4.0 holding strong with just a few credits left. Recommendations, writing sample, and SOP are good IMO. Really crossing my fingers.
  7. I honestly am starting to feel silly for even applying. My GRE is pretty bad (156 Verbal, 148 Quant, 5.5 Writing) and I've only had research experience since starting Grad school! Gah. I guess I will hope for the best regardless. Best of luck everyone! I'll post updates here as a I start to hear back.
  8. Has anyone heard back at all from places they applied? I am still waiting to hear from both of my schools--University of Buffalo and Case Western Reserve.
  9. Hey there! Just wanted to wish you luck and say you have quite the impressive background. You'll do great!
  10. Hello! I am applying this year for social welfare PhD programs. I am finishing my MSW this year and am applying to Case Western and University at Buffalo. Both applications are done and now I am waiting for probably a long time. I have some strong points to my applications but also some weaknesses- super low GRE math score (146), not much experience in the social work field, and a sorta mediocre undergrad gpa (3.4). Strengths are 4.0 masters gpa, 2 (coauthored) publications, 5.5 writing and 160 verbal GRE, and well-polished recs, written sample, and SOP. I am curious to see how this turns out, not really sure what to expect. I reached out to admissions and the program director at UB earlier in the semester but didn't do that for case western.
  11. Hi, everyone! I recently made the decision to apply to 3 social welfare phd programs and am currently in my second year of my MSW program. I was wondering if anyone who had been through the process has any advice or suggestions. Also, I am not sure where I stand in terms of feasibility of my acceptance. Here are my stats: I am currently attending a school at a smaller public university in PA. Undergrad GPA: 3.4 (BA, though not in a social science. Closer to 3.6/3.7 for final 60 upper division credits). This was from a highly ranked public university in NY. Grad GPA: 4.0 (as of now), 30 out of 60 credits completed. I am taking the GRE in November and retaking in December if score is not what I want. I am aiming for a 160 V, 155 Q, and 4.5 writing score minimum. I served as a graduate research assistant for the 2018-2019 school year and am continuing that role for 2019-2020. I have worked in the field as a Crisis Technician for a little under a year. I have also volunteered for Crisis Text Line since 2017. I currently have one co-authored publication (editorial) in a prominent journal and by the time my apps are sent out I should have 1 more publication and one more coauthored quantitative study that is in press. LORs should be great. Two will be from professors I was a GA for and one will be from a professor I took qualitative research with and got a 100/100 for the course. I am not sure what to expect in this process, any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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