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    asingh25 reacted to confusedfuturesocialworker in Canada MSW 2020   
    Actually I found out by just going on the myfile page randomly. I realized after that they had sent an email to me...but it went straight to my junk box. That email was sent about 5 days after my official acceptance on myfile though. 
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    asingh25 reacted to mswmsw2020 in Canada MSW 2020   
    Hi friends - I received an acceptance to Laurier's 2-year on campus MSW today (around 4:30) but will be attending UofT instead so a spot will open up! Congratulations to everyone that heard!
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    asingh25 reacted to janemsw2020 in Canada MSW 2020   
    Yes they emailed me and changed the status on student services!
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    asingh25 reacted to janemsw2020 in Canada MSW 2020   
    I got waitlisted at Western back in March but they offered me admission a few days ago. Although I will be accepting my UofT offer, it makes more sense for me with my living situation. So hopefully whoever is waitlisted at Western gets the next offer when I decline mine!
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    asingh25 reacted to MSW416 in Canada MSW 2020   
    Just heard back as well. The website wasn't working for a bit and then when I checked again I was admitted, so maybe they were sending out acceptances. I also don't have an acceptance letter yet either (I applied to York for undergrad so there will be another tab after 'Letters of Recommendation Status' that says 'Admission Letters' - mine only has the acceptance from undergrad in 2016, so far). I also applied to Carelton and UofT (all 2 year) and will most likely choose York, so for those on waitlists, more spots opening!
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    asingh25 reacted to MellieAnne in Canada MSW 2020   
    I got invited to the MSW 2 year program at UofT! I already paid my admission deposit.
    I've been waiting for this for 3 years! I was wait-listed 2 years ago and since then I have acquired my SSW diploma, 1 year experience as an addictions counsellor and 2 years experience as a crisis responder for Kids Help Phone. I outlined this new experience in my application. 
    I originally was pessimistic about the process since my CGPA for my BA is 2.8. My last year GPA (all senior courses) is 3.4. Therefore, to those who are worried about your marks and eligibility...yes it can affect your chance of getting in but not if you have some research , volunteer and work experience. I also included some personal information about myself in my written statement. I mentioned how I have lived experience with depression and anxiety which is how I can relate to my clients.
    Hopefully this can give some type of ease to those that did not receive perfect grades.
    Good luck to everyone else. 
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    asingh25 reacted to AyeshaH in Canada MSW 2020   
    I also got accepted into UofT's 2 year program!!!!!! Congrats to everyone who was accepted and for those who didn't-keep on trying! This was my second time applying! 
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    asingh25 reacted to JKMSW in Canada MSW 2020   
    Omg congrats everyone!!! I got in too.. This is amazing!
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    asingh25 reacted to d-b in Canada MSW 2020   
    I also got mine this week for the foundation MSW!!!  
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    asingh25 got a reaction from PB&yogurt in Canada MSW 2020   
    thankyou so much for this  take care and stay safe
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    asingh25 reacted to Rehbekuh in Canada MSW 2020   
    I got into the Advanced Standing, full time programs for U of T (MH & H), Laurier, and Western! All September 2020 starts. I will be attending U of T.
    Career trajectory:
    Completed BA, took the summer off to volunteer as an intake worker in a social service, then got first job in social services (skills development). Worked there for 2 years then decided to go back to school and complete a 2 year BSW (84% avg, spiced up by participating in student council and applying to awards/bursaries). Worked full time as an addiction counsellor, part time with LGBTQ youth and respite, for 2 more years, then applied to my MSW and got in! On the side, I also completed a lot of professional development (just like lunch and learns and agency trainings - about 1 a month) and took on different volunteer opportunities for the agencies I worked for organizing festivals/fundraisers.
    Based on my experience, I would recommend that if you can, do your BSW first. Really focus on your statement of interest, keep it passionate about the social work field and career experiences with only a sprinkle of the personal. Look up YouTube videos on what social work is, or advice videos on writing grad school statement of interests. If you can, attend MSW information sessions. I know how crushing a no can be (applied and rejected to an MA program right out of my BA), but giving yourself time to grow and hone in on what will make you stand out as a candidate is by no means a failing.
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