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  1. 1st time applicant here in the same boat--just one interview! It's stressful knowing that everything pretty much rides on this one school's decision, but I keep having to tell myself that they invited me because they DO want me, and this interview is really just a personality check. I think what is most embarrassing, for me, is having all of my mentors & friends tell me that I was going to get so many interviews...and then this happens lol. I'm mortified just thinking about having to go back to my letter writers in April to tell them that I didn't get in anywhere and ask them to submit their letters again in December 😢
  2. I applied to work with AD, and haven't heard anything yet
  3. Just got my first rejection! Guess I can cross that one off!
  4. Could mean that they're waiting to see who accepts invites/who doesn't and then inviting alternates afterwards. Or, it could mean they forgot about you (like they did with justacigar, haha). It wouldn't hurt to call/email and ask!
  5. This is going to sound like a very dumb question, but would it look odd to bring a suitcase for a 2-night stay? I want to make sure my clothes don't get super wrinkled...and also possibly bring an iron as well, just in case lol
  6. Me! That's actually happened for several schools I applied to. I'm not optimistic, but maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised!
  7. I do know that University of Denver plans to invite applicants by the end of January, and their interviews are on Feb 21 and 24
  8. I'm also anxiously waiting on Penn State! Haven't heard a single thing from 11 of my schools, so I'm in the same boat
  9. I stopped checking the interview thread and results page last month 😅I got wayy too pessimistic when one of my lower schools sent out invites and I didn't get one--literally, that evening, I started planning what I was gonna do my next year haha. I just figure I'll find out when I find out. I'll probably check again in 2 weeks if I don't hear anything else.
  10. I'll be traveling to Auburn, AL on Feb 7!
  11. So hard not to catastraphize things at this point. Logically, I know that schools are still probably on holiday break and may not pick up again until next week, but my brain keeps telling me I should be preparing for the worst
  12. I received a personal email from a PI saying that they were impressed with my application and would love for me to attend interview day to learn about the program, meet them & grad students, etc. I was overjoyed when I read it, but now wondering--is that sort of thing common? Don't want to get my hopes up too high!!
  13. School: Auburn University Type: Clinical psych PhD Date of invite: 12/19 Type of invite: in-person interview via email (didn't have prelim interview beforehand) from grad admissions director Interview date(s): Feb 7th & 8th message me for PI!
  14. Do POI's generally send out interview invites the same day? Trying to see whether I should count myself out from one program
  15. I have a 6 month old pomeranian that definitely keeps me occupied 😂 we've been working on "spin" for a few weeks now, and he finally got it tonight!! Hoping that's good luck haha.
  16. Did anyone else just get that University of Denver email? Haha, my heart almost jumped out of my chest because it started with "Dear applicants..." and I figured it was a mass rejection email. Aghhhhh
  17. Would the Penn state poster mind sharing or DM'ing POI initials?
  18. Personally, I always think it's a great idea to send a thank you email after interviews! It reminds them of who you are, and that you actually do care about the program. I wouldn't say it's too eager at all, and who cares if it does come across that way? It's better than the opposite, which is coming across as not interested! Just make sure your thank you note isn't generic. Mention something that came up in the conversation (i.e. "I loved hearing more about xyz, and I think it'd be a great opportunity..etc etc"), that way they specifically remember you
  19. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......yes. It's my first time applying and I'm not sure what to expect! I keep obsessively checking the results page...fortunately, no one has posted anything from my schools yet 😅 I'm a weird case--I was both an art and psych major in undergrad, so I really love making art. I've just been using this time to work on a webcomic I've neglected for the past year 😅 whatever keeps you sane, right?
  20. Idk, I actually think it depends on the person. For me, since I was pursuing a dual degree, taking 18 credits a semester, it would've been near impossible for me to study for the GRE to the extent I wanted. I waited about 6 months after graduating to start studying, and it was really beneficial for me because 1) I was only working, so all of my mental effort could go to studying for the GRE instead of other classes/tests/assignments, and 2) I had a routine that I otherwise wouldn't have had in undergrad--working from 9-5 and studying afterwards. After a while, I was able to get into the habit of being prepared and focused during the evenings, whereas in undergrad, class schedules would've made it difficult to develop a routine like that. I think OP should figure out what suits their needs best! Edit: But if they're pursuing a masters, then this advice is moot lol
  21. Was about to post this in the interview thread, but decided here would be better! Is it common to be invited for a preliminary phone/skype before the actual interview day? Or is it more common to just be invited straight to the interview day? I know it depends on program/PI, but wanted to hear about other people's experiences!
  22. Did anyone else apply to Temple? I know we had to go through that interfolio site, and I submitted my interfolio materials to the application on Friday, but still haven't seen it uploaded onto my Temple application. Emailed the graduate admissions chair yesterday, but he hasn't responded 😕
  23. I wouldn't freak out! Make sure to send another email first thing Monday morning if they still haven't responded to your previous one. I find it very unlikely that the committee will be reviewing applications first thing Monday, so you might have some buffer time to get your stuff in!
  24. Don't worry, I'm sure it's still on their radar! They would've never gotten their PhDs without meeting deadlines. I completely understand how stressed you must be feeling right now, but just think how relieved you'll be when everything is in and you don't have to worry about applications anymore!
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