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  1. Hi all I'm relatively new to gradcafe (and this field admittedly) and I thought I should ask for some help before going into something with no guidance and making silly errors. I'm due to graduate this fall 2019 and I was thinking of possibly taking a gap year and apply in the next grad school cycle because I feel like my application isn't  strong enough and I wanted more experience-- hence me looking into becoming an SLPA. However I already have some obstacles in order to do this. First, I don't have my 25 observation hours and I know that is required. There was a course at my university that made it possible yo get them, however I had extenuating circumstances and time conflicts that hindered me in getting my hours so I know that is the first step.

    Additionally, this is all very new to me and I am confused as to how the rest of the licensure process in order to become an SLPA in TX works. I was looking on both ASHA and the TDLR website and they both say that a "Speech Language Pathology Supervisory Responsibility Statement Form" is to be completed by a licensed SLP in order for them to be your supervisor. I'll paste the "Supervisory Requirement" section below: 

    "An assistant in speech-language pathology must work under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist who agrees to assume responsibility for all services provided by the assistant. You must propose a supervisory relationship with a licensed speech-language pathologist and be added to your proposed supervisor’s license before supervision may begin. Applicants should submit a Speech Language Pathology Supervisory Responsibility Statement Form (PDF) completed by the licensed supervisor who agrees to accept responsibility for the services provided by the assistant. Your supervisor must have at least two years of professional experience in providing direct client services, which may include an internship year (clinical fellowship) year. Your supervisor may not supervise more than a total of four interns and/or assistants at one time, and your supervisor must not be your parent or child. Note: Supervisors must be approved by the department prior to supervising assistants."

    If I am understanding correctly does that mean I need to find an SLP to take me under their wing and ask if they can be my supervisor while I apply for my SLPA license? How do I go about asking that?  Would this be a job or internship? For example should I be looking for job listings for SLPA's in my city? Am I allowed to apply for the job and ask the SLP if they can be my supervisor while I start the application process for my license? I am just confused about the timeline for this. Or should I reach out to any SLP's and ask outright if they can be my supervisor while I observe and get the clinical experience required for TX standards. On ASHA it states "no fewer than 25 hours of clinical observation in the area of speech-language pathology and 25 hours of clinical assisting experience in speech-language pathology" are required, so does that mean I just need an SLP to be a supervisor for me for 25 hours for the clinical assisting experience and then also obtain 25 observation hours at the same place? There are not many SLP's in my city, and I'm not quite sure what to ask them, I just don't want to sound like an idiot. I don't know if I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be, but I thought I should ask for some clarification before reaching out to anyone.

    Apologies if this is all over the place and any & all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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