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    chemen reacted to isk20 in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    Fall 2020 applicant and current first-year here, came back to offer reassurances because I know it's a stressful time for everyone. I'm wishing all of you luck. Also, don't panic if you haven't heard back from your top choices yet. Covid is causing a ton of delays. Hang in there! 🙂  
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    chemen got a reaction from GettingDemReactions in Chances for Grad School (3.5 major GPA)   
    I'm a junior pursuing a B.S. in chemistry and I think I will graduate with roughly a 3.7 GPA (maybe 3.6 minimum) if things go well. I think I might graduate with a 3.5-3.6 major GPA. I'm currently and will take a few chemistry graduate courses as well.
    I have some publications in reputable journals for different projects I've worked on with a faculty member and graduate student and by the time I graduate will have done research there for 2 years and including two summers full time (or one summer and an REU with a different faculty in the same field). My PI is well-known and respected in his field.
    Earlier in my undergraduate career I also did research at a community college but this research only resulted in a few poster sessions and symposiums, oral presentations (no publications).
    I already know what field I want to pursue for research (which is what my publications are based on) and want to attend a top graduate school which (best case scenario) have multiple faculty members working on what I find interesting like Princeton.
    What are my chances for graduate school admission (assuming I do well on the GRE and chem GRE) and how can I improve my chances?
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