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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. 
    Yes, I am an international applicant. 
    And I agree, this is an overall slightly below than the average profile.
    However, I have found that getting into the Master's program is even more competitive in my prospective research area.

    I am not applying to very ambitious programs. For now, I will at least keep trying to find some schools that are ranked >= 80 for Ph.D. programs.
    Again, thank you for your response.

    [TL:DR: Need suggestion on graduate school selection]

    Hello good people,
    Hope you are doing well.
    I have found the resources available in this site really helpful and am on the verge of applying to graduate schools for PhD in CS.

    I may have a below than the average profile due to a lack of publications or a slightly concerning GPA. I have prepared a VERY LONG list of programs that are aligned with my interest. However, most of the programs I found are from the top 50 universities and it seems their acceptance rates are very low.
    I will try to apply to some of those ambitious schools.
    But what I am stressing about is actually finding at least 2 or 3 safe or moderate programs. The deadlines are closing in and I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me any suggestion.
    My profile:
    CGPA: 3.48/4.00, (institution is in top 10 of my country)
    GRE: 324 (Q165, V159, A4.0),
    Toefl: 104 ( R30, L: 25, S20, W:29),
    Research experience: Undergrad thesis on phylogenetic trees( relevant to computational biology)
    Publication: NONE,
    Job: 2 years in the software industry,
    Research Interest: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Advanced Algorithms, Theory of Computation.
    LoR: 2 from university professors, 1 from former employer
    Some universities I found aligned to my interest: (with their usnews ranking)
    1. Rice University [20]
    2. Johns Hopkins University [25]
    3. Pennsylvania State University [30]
    4. New York University [30]
    5. University of California--Irvine [30]
    6. University of Virginia [30]
    7. Virginia Tech [40]
    8. University of California--Davis [37]
    9. University of Colorado--Boulder [40]
    10. Stony Brook University--SUNY [40]
    11. Michigan State University [55]
    12. Indiana University--Bloomington [55]
    13. Iowa State University [61]
    14. University of California--Riverside [61]
    15. Case Western Reserve University [68]
    16. George Mason University [68]
    17. Florida State University [82]
    18. University of Central Florida [82]
    19. CUNY Graduate School and University Center [82]
    20. University of Connecticut [83]
    21. University of Texas-San Antonio [119]
    I have got only a few generic replies from some professors of these schools. But could not decide any. Some programs ask for a Master's degree for PhD admission and I only have BSc. Also, TOEFL speaking score is making me omit some programs from this list too.

    My Queries:
    [1] What usnews ranking ranges could be considered as ambitious, moderate and safe based on this profile?
    [2] Could you suggest any safe schools for this profile?
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