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  1. 2 minutes ago, hopefulgrad2019 said:

    As others have said, it’s still VERY early. The clinical faculty where I’m a student at didn’t even meet to discuss applications until today and no interview invites will be going out until a couple weeks into January. Try to stay positive through the holidays!! 

    Subsequently receives 10 DM's from applicants asking where they study

  2. 1 minute ago, hermm said:

    I just got a mass happy holidays email from the school which gave me a minor heart attack. But otherwise no. Definitely interested to know if anyone else has heard, but it looks like last year the earliest anyone did was the 20th, and more around the 27th.

    Yeah, I've never gotten so bah humbug at a happy holidays wish before.  I'm assuming every concentration is different as well, with the interview close to a month away I'm expecting something soon!

  3. 16 minutes ago, psychologygeek said:

    Any advice for dealing with a rejection letter y'all? I just received my first one. I thought I had mentally prepared myself, but it still stings haha. Hoping for better news from some of my other places!

    I've already received two official rejection emails, and my prospects at my other schools aren't looking incredibly promising.  One I received today from a school who's POI I feel I have a pretty good rapport with.  I asked for constructive criticism and was very emphatic that I will be reapplying next cycle.  I've gotten over the initial heartbreak of this cycle (it still stings though), and have started mapping out a plan of action to make myself more appealing and competitive for next year.  So basic resiliency type interventions really.  

    Good luck with the rest of your programs! This really is a brutal process, but from what everyone has said perseverance is key!

  4. 23 minutes ago, hermm said:

    Haha thanks and wow I should check the websites before I post here! I was surprised because they emailed me to tell me my application had been sent to the department for review 2 days before the application deadline. But since I haven't heard anything since I'm guessing that's not a good sign.

    Probably just had to wait for all the day of deadline people like me! Letters of recommendation weren't due until the 1st, I don't think they are in a rush.

  5. 9 hours ago, hermm said:

    Does anyone know when Alabama (Psych/Law) and Sam Houston had their interview dates last year? It looks like they aren't on the teamup link.

    Bama has their interviews on January 24th for the psyc/law concentration this year according to their website.  I just received an email yesterday from them that the graduate school had forwarded my application to the department, which was surprising considering their earlier deadline.  My guess is they wait until finals are over with and everyone can focus.  No idea about SHSU.

  6. 3 minutes ago, justacigar said:

    Anyone else having wild dreams about applications?? I had a crazy one last night that my top choice POI showed me her list of applicants she was considering at some restaurant we both happened to be at (lol) and I was number 1...and then I woke up 😭

    I had the opposite, had a dream I didn't get a single interview and had to tell my fiancee that we were not going to get to move anywhere.

  7. Just a heads up, due to recommendation portal issues a recommender never received an email to upload a recommendation. I had cancelled the recommendation and added an alternate email address which worked and that person uploaded their letter last Wednesday.  Got an email today that my application was incomplete due to this cancelled recommendation still not being completed.  Called program coordinator to correct the issue and after some difficulty understanding, she realized what I was saying and remedied the problem.  It was University of Southern Miss counseling psychology. 

    Also, same recommender had issue at Texas Tech counseling psychology upload.  Called the graduate school and hers was uploaded, but another recommender's file had an error message when trying to open.  That recommender is emailing directly tonight.  Texas Tech was the only program I could not see the status of the recommendation letters.

    So make sure if you can not see the recommendation letter status that they are in fact viewable and submitted, and if you have cancelled a recommendation be sure that it is not marking your application as incomplete. 


    Good luck to all!

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