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  1. Hi- has anybody (that was waitlisted for interviews or waitlisted generally) heard from Northwestern's HSIP? I called 4 wks ago and somebody explained it'd be about 3 wks until I heard a decision. So I sent an email a wk ago asking about the status of my app, with no response, and called yesterday too. I figured there wouldn't be a response in office due to the covid-19 pandemic and that the office is likely working as hard as they can. But, with April 15th approaching, I have narrowed my decision down to either a PhD program under another medical school or the program at Northwestern, but its hard to gauge how to plan my future (or know when/if I should accept the other schools offer or how long (or if) I should wait). If anybody has experience with this for another school too, it'd be awesome to hear your perspective.
  2. Hi There! I would say that it depends how much you like these other programs/think they would be a good fit for you. If you would apply just to get in somewhere this cycle, then I would say wait and try again. But, if you actually like those programs and research areas they would allow you to study under, then I say go for it. Also, look to see what type of funding those programs offer. What do you know now about programs that you wish you knew when you were applying back in December? I think that whatever decision you make, it'll be a great one. Feel free to DM me if you just need somebody to bounce ideas back and forth with!
  3. Hi There, I wanted to say that I DEFINITELY share your feelings about uncertainty. For me, the decisions from programs were very different than expected. And although accepted to four schools already (with two additional schools left to hear from), I was able to eliminate two choices (one due to funding & the other that was not a research match). I am deciding between 2 schools and still waiting to hear from the other two. One of the places I was accepted to is offering full funding/tuition, but a lower stipend and the other is offering a half tuition coverage at in-state price & a higher stipend. It is really important to me to not acquire student debt (because I got a lot from my master's program). Location is also a big piece for me. Luckily, the two schools I'm deciding between, I really like the research advisors and areas that I would work. Another topic I wanted to ask about (and I hope I don't offend anyone), is the average age of cohorts. I am 23. I went to an in person interview for one place, that I was accepted to, and noticed that most the applicants were in their 30's (and some 40's) and very clearly in different social stages in life than I am. I am a really social person, but ever since that interview, I have started to worry that I won't have anything in common with my cohort or may even seem inexperienced or juvenille because of the things I'll care about socially (which could be a bit of imposter syndrome & overgeneralization). I am curious if this is typical for most people entering PhD programs or if that program was an anomaly? Can anybody else share their thoughts/experiences- I didn't know it was customary to wait. Or is it? Also- my heart goes out to those of you choosing between programs in different locations as your partners, especially with a kiddo(s). I hope y'all find a way to make things work (which I think you will) sending prayers and light!
  4. Congratulations! That's so wonderful- It helps a lot and I haven't been told no yet, which *knock on wood* is encouraging. I applied to the Social Sciences & Health track. I appreciate the encouragement @leafypoet. I am happy with my other options, but VERY happy to know the ball is at least rolling with this one. Patience is a virtue- that I am reallyyyy learning to have through this process haha.
  5. For all the Northwestern HSIP Peeps, I was waitlisted for the interviews and still haven't heard anything back. It's my first choice, but has put me in a rather uncomfortable position while considering other options. I wonder why it is taking so long to hear anything. If anybody is bold enough to call and ask about decisions, please share what you learn thx ❤️
  6. Well wishing us both luck! I've been accepted to two schools now, so a lot of the pressure is off. But, it's helpful to have options to consider in terms of funding & moving across the country!
  7. Oh this is a good perspective thank you! I didn't think about that.
  8. Also waiting to hear back from this program too haha- I figured that I would be a second string applicant (I have a lot of strong factors, but a weak UG GPA). I know people are starting to be accepted and rejected though, so I figure the news will reach me when it's ready.
  9. I've been accepted to University of Louisville TOO! DM me if you want to chat.
  10. One of the schools I was accepted to matched me with a faculty member that I have very little in common with research interest wise. Going to meet with the faculty member (because maybe they'll be beginning a new project not indicated in their CV), but did this happen to anybody else? I was really pleased with the program otherwise, but this threw me for a curveball. But, I've also been in a situation (with another school) where I was unsure how to feel about a program after the faculty were pretty emotionless. It can be confusing! So y'all are not alone.
  11. I'm in that same limbo phase for SBS- good to know others are too.
  12. Did you apply to a specific program? I'm waiting to hear back about Social & Behavioral Sciences- nothing yet.
  13. OMG I KNOW YOU WERE WAITING FOR THIS!!!! It is happening peopleeee
  14. AHHHH! So excited for you- this is fantastic news
  15. I don't think this is a bad sign about Columbia- their academic calendar is different (starting back up later) than a few other unis. Many schools have their own internal review/acceptance process. According to the results page, two Sociomedical sciences candidates heard back yesterday- one acceptance and one rejection. And last year, people were still receiving acceptances from Columbia in early/mid March. I'm in the same waiting boat you are, but we've got this
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