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  1. Honestly, I'm thinking about applying this fall but I'm not 100% sure. I'm trying to secure a full-time research assistant job, and if I get that job I would commit for at least 2 years (let's hope COVID-19 doesn't prevent it from happening honestly). Currently I'm a volunteer research assistant and working 2 part-time jobs, and I know if I did research full-time that would really help with my applications my next round. But if that falls through, I may end up reapplying (this would be my second cycle). I feel like I learned a lot from applying the first time, and I will have new experiences to add to my CV by then, even if I stay in my current position. My current work-in-progress list (all clinical psych Ph.D.): Vanderbilt, Uni of Maryland - College Park, Stony Brook, Temple, Uni of Pittsburgh, Yale, Uni of South Florida, UIUC, CWRU, Miami Uni (OH), Uni of Colorado - Boulder, & Uni of Miami.
  2. Yes, I already heard back from Towson University's clinical psychology master's program and they gave me an offer. I'm also on the waitlist for Miami (Ohio)'s clinical Ph.D. program. And I applied to a few post-bacc jobs just in case, but haven't heard back on my applications for these.
  3. I'm still waiting to hear back from William and Mary, but I didn't apply to Wake Forest.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, who's your POI? You can DM me if you'd prefer, and I understand if you'd prefer not to say. Hopefully you end up getting an offer or something works out for you 😊
  5. I also haven't heard back post-interview. The suspense is killing me 😅 Just a little impatient.
  6. At my recent interview, here are a couple research-related questions I asked: 1. I noticed in this paper, you chose to utilize "x" measure over "y" measure, despite utilizing "x" in your other papers. Why is that? (Basically, I showed that I noticed a pattern in my POI's methods and noticed they deviated from this pattern in a particular paper. These 2 measures are very similar so I was curious as to why he chose one over the other) 2. I noticed you collected "this data" while examining "this research topic". Have you considered examining "this data" in relation to "this research topic"? (showing that their research inspired you to ask questions shows that you care about their line of research and have ideas of your own to contribute. For example, a faculty member I interviewed with collected racial-ethnic data while examining her topic of interest. I asked her if she considered seeing if race/ethnicity moderated the relationship between "x" and "y." I think she was impressed by this question) Also, I skimmed most of these papers for the main ideas and went back to whatever I especially found interesting. I didn't spend a crazy amount of time reading every little detail (although it was tempting at times lol). Hope this helps!
  7. I feeeeeeeel this. The program I just interviewed at said offers would go out no later than March 1st, so this month I'm trying so hard to distract myself 😅
  8. Oh my gosh, that's horrible. I'd be so mad if this happened to me. So sorry that happened to you! This process is so expensive as is...
  9. I am probably one of the posters you looked at in the results. Mine was just a generic email, no interview. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  10. Well said! I honestly didn't realize how important networking was until this application season (and it's my first time applying). The only interview I've received (and expect unless I happen to get any from master's programs) is from a POI I networked with at a conference and knows my current mentor. I have not networked with anyone else that I applied for, and I kinda wish I made more of an effort to. If I had to reapply, this is definitely an area I'd step up in.
  11. My interview is this Friday. How many of my POI's articles do you guys suggest I read, or how many did you read for your interviews? I know I'm definitely gonna start with selected pubs on each professors' faculty page and look at recent pubs on PsycInfo. What key points should I look for in these articles (e.g., the methods they use, common themes, etc.)? And how many articles (or just abstracts) should I read for the other 2 professors I'm interviewing with? I've had this question answered by a couple people in my lab, but wanted to see what you all think. Also, figured the answers might be informative for others prepping for their interviews. 😊
  12. Tbh I've never owned a padfolio so anyone can correct me if I'm wrong! A grad student is going to give me an extra one he never used. But I think a padfolio comes with a notepad inside to take notes in, and it will look more professional than just carrying around a spiral notebook. You'll want to have something to take notes in, although according to one of the grad students I talked with, he didn't take much notes. I figured I'd use the padfolio to bring my written-down questions I don't wanna forget to ask my POI during our interview. I don't think you need to bring anything else other than copies of your CV.
  13. I was talking about my upcoming interview to some clinical psych graduate students I know, and they recommended that I bring a padfolio to my interview. Just wanted to mention this in case this was something you guys hadn't already considered! I wouldn't have thought about it if the grad students hadn't mentioned it.
  14. Would a cardigan be too casual for a clinical psych Ph.D. interview? Honestly, I have yet to find a blazer that I like but I love wearing cardigans.
  15. Thanks for obtaining and sharing this info! I was starting to assume I didn't have a chance there because I hadn't heard from them. This is my first time applying and this process is really teaching me to have more patience.
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