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  1. I actually don't know that I would tell them just yet. Funding is often a bargaining chip that programs have for recruiting top students (like you ), much like salaries in competing job offers. It's absolutely good to be transparent and honest if they ask. But I would wait until they do.
  2. Ahhhh! I got into UCLA’s HPM program! I am beyond thrilled. I was getting SO nervous. This is my THIRD time applying to doctoral programs and I’ve been working in research for 8 years. YAY!
  3. I know the feeling! I emailed the administrator for UCLA as well and haven't gotten a response. I don't know if I should take it as a passive rejection, or if I should still hold onto hope that they're in the review process. I just want to know at this point. I think it's actually a good sign that Columbia told you they're still reviewing! But I get how frustrating it feels right now.
  4. Thanks! And congratulations! That's so fantastic!
  5. I'm almost afraid to ask... But has anyone heard anything from UCLA? Based on past years, I thought we'd hear by the end of last week. /:
  6. Haha that's a big "no" from me. This wait is intense!
  7. Someone just posted in the results page that they were admitted to the HPM master's program at UCLA. I know MPH and PhD programs may be on different timelines, but I am now obsessively checking my email. Fingers crossed!!
  8. I'm sorry about Brown! But that's great news about U Maryland! I'm sure you'll do great No news from UCLA at all... The anticipation is getting out of hand! Haha. That said, I think it's still a bit early to hear back from them. Seems like they typically come well after other programs. There's still hope!
  9. Hi! Welcome! I am also a health policy and management person - though I only applied to UCLA, because I currently work in research in a department with loose connections to the HPM program. I know, based on past results, that decisions likely won't go out for a few more weeks, but I am obsessively checking my email. I'm trying lots of techniques to distract myself - cooking elaborate meals, exercising more. But it's always at the back of my mind!
  10. Sorry to hear that, but don't lose heart! It's great that you have an interview! I'm also waiting to hear back from UCLA. Looking at past years' forums, it seems that they didn't respond until late Jan/early Feb, so we still have some time to anxiously wait
  11. Yeah. With UCLA, they do accept applications on a rolling basis, but you’re unlikely to be considered for funding if you miss the deadline stated on the website. May be the same for other programs.
  12. Omg yes! Haha. I’ve been checking the forum semi-obsessively since I submitted on Sunday night. Also experiencing a lot of anxiety/nervousness/excitement. I only applied to one program (UCLA), which I know is risky. But I can’t wait to hear back! Any tips or tricks for handling the nerves while we wait?
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