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  1. Hey, Anyone with a UWindsor Interview for clinical?
  2. If anyone hears from Uwindsor clinical could you please let me know
  3. hey, which school are you talking about. Sorry Hun don't mean to intrude. I applied to Uwindsor and still haven't heard anything. I heard they are near the end of January.
  4. those who applied to uwindsor clinical, can you post POI initials please?
  5. Hello, I’ve applied to UWindsor Adult Clinical, has anyone else who’ve applied to UWindsor adult clinical send me a message if they know when we should be hearing back? Thanks.
  6. Hey, Does anyone know when to expect an interview for University of Windsor adult Clinical Track, , , if I'm lucky enough to get one? Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much for sending that link over. Yes, there is but I'm too shy to ask him. I applied to work with him, so I don't know if he will be conducting the interview. . . IF I GET ONE. . . or if it would be someone else. But thank you so much for all of this :)
  8. Hello Everyone, Does anyone know what schools ask you during interviews? This is my first time applying and I'm applying to UWindsor Adult clinical
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