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  1. School: Sam Houston State University Type of Program: Clinical Psychology, PhD Acceptance Date: 2/11/2020 POI: JA I was waiting to post until I heard back from the rest of my programs, but I have officially accepted the position. Super excited, if anyone else will be attending Sam next year and wants to connect before the fall feel free to DM me!
  2. I was accepted to my top choice a few days before my final interview and chose not to attend the interview. I feel as though it came across as unprofessional so close to the interview day and I regret giving the program that impression of me. However, it made more sense financially (and frankly travel stress-wise) not to attend. My POI at the school I was interviewing at had also reached out to tell me they were leaving the program a few weeks beforehand, so I did not feel as though the interview was going to lead to an acceptance (or at least be a good fit) at that point anyway. My advis
  3. Ahh that sounds nice and stressful! Do you know when the program's official interview date is? If it's still pretty far out I would just wait for him to get back in touch with you. If it's close... honestly I would still wait for him to reach back out. I think you've done everything you can to try and coordinate on your end, hopefully he's just swamped and will reach out soon/eventually.
  4. 27 here going on 28! Currently finishing up my clinical masters and really hoping I can make this cycle happen because, like others have said, I'm hoping to have a family/get married in the next decade ideally haha. I think as you have seen, there are more than a few of us but I agree it definitely adds a layer of panic to the process. I don't really have any advice, just relating, I almost went the experimental route because I really needed to demonstrate research experience so I feel you on the indecision. I think at least you know you're not alone, and the important thing is you are pursuin
  5. School: Indiana State University Type: PsyD Date of invite: January 17th Type of invite: Phone call Interview date(s): 2/7 or 2/14 Feel free to DM for my PI!
  6. Hey all I was hoping for some advice. I got an interview offer from my top choice POI back in December, but today they emailed me to say that they had officially accepted a job at another institution so they would no longer (obviously) be taking students. They told me I was still welcome to interview with someone else at the program, but I'm wondering if this is worth it. To be honest, I really didn't feel like my research background fit well with any of the other labs so I feel a bit pessimistic about my admission chances- given that I wouldn't be a student any of these professors had even c
  7. Hey I heard from MSU and USM mid-December, so I think most of the invites have gone out. USM's interview day isn't until February 14th (if you're talking clinical) though so there still might be time!
  8. I am driving from the Houston area to Hattiesburg MS on February 13th if anyone needs a ride from the surrounding airports or wants to road trip! Also if anyone is interviewing at Mississippi State on an alternate date than the 31st feel free to DM me, I will be driving up there sometime in the next few weeks and can definitely do an airport pick up if our dates overlap.
  9. Hi all, Does anyone (current students or previous applicants) have advice on paying for flights? With interview offers coming out 2 weeks before interview dates I am mentally weeping at the flight costs. Do people have tricks for affording these (like specific credit cards or anything)? I was wondering if signing up for a delta/united credit card and using the miles would be worthwhile or if I should just grit my teeth and dip way into my savings haha.
  10. Could the person who got a preliminary interview from Alabama Tuscaloosa pm me their POI initials if you feel comfortable? I didn’t see a post on the thread or I would pm!
  11. School: Mississippi State University Type: Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: 12/20 Type of invite: Email from DCT (feel free to DM for PI) Interview date(s): 1/31
  12. Right?! The 31st (and February 7th for that matter) seem to be the date of choice for all my programs.
  13. I just got a mass happy holidays email from the school which gave me a minor heart attack. But otherwise no. Definitely interested to know if anyone else has heard, but it looks like last year the earliest anyone did was the 20th, and more around the 27th.
  14. I haven't gotten the impression that there is a specific time, but the formal invites I have gotten so far have all come out in the afternoon, and all (2 lol) requests for an informal phone call have come in after 9pm weirdly enough. But that said I have definitely not heard from every school and I would guess it's dependent on when the department meets to discuss applications and when the PI has time to email/call. So basically obsessively check your email every hour has been my unhealthy motto 🤦‍♀️
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