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  1.  I'm applying for graduate programs right now. I heard back from two of the three grad programs I applied to.

    • University of Arizona: Waitlisted
    • University of Northern Iowa: Accepted
    • Nevada State College: TBD (Where I am getting my Undergraduate in Speech-Language Pathology this May)

    I'm currently in a dilemma, being the broke college student that I am. If I end up going to UNI I'd end up paying $70,000 (out-of-state) for my M.A in SLP compared to if I get into NSC I'd pay $13,000 (in-state) for my M.Ed in SLP. NSC is currently on a CAA Candidacy Status with ASHA until the year 2024 and they are currently working on partnering with the community for externship opportunities for their graduate students.

    My question is, how will this affect my ability to apply for my CCC's once I am done with my degree? If they end up not getting accredited, will I be able to apply for my CCC's? If I end up getting my CCC's and NSC does not get accredited for the duration of 2024, will that affect my ability to renew my CCC's as I practice as an SLP? Would it be better for me to bite the bullet and take a big loan to go to UNI or wait on hearing back from NSC if they accept me? They are a fairly new program. They started back in Fall 2019, I don't see a reason why they would not get accredited, but I wanted to ask for your opinion if you guys were in this position. 

  2. Just took my GRE: How slim are my chances? 

    Applying for the following schools:

    • Nevada State College
    • University of Arizona
    • University of Northern Iowa

    My stats:

    GRE: QR | 144 VR | 140 AW | TBA [Taken 12/31/19]
    GPA: Major: 4.0, cumulative: 3.9
    • Worked as a tutor at college (1 year)
    • Shadowed SNF SLP (1 month)
    • NSSLHA Chapter president (1 year)
    • Trilingual: Tagalog, English, American Sign Language

    I'd appreciate the feedback and the advice you guys can give me. The deadline for the schools I am applying for is on January 15th, so I really don't have a chance to take the GRE again. I just wanted to know how slim my chances are with these things I'm bringing into my application.

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