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  1. Same here! Just got a rejection email, so no BU. Bye bye, BU! It's your lost, and you s*k...LOL Besides, BU is not my #1 choice anyway. Good luck to those who got an invitation/offer.
  2. @MDMS2020 Why did you say you have no hope?? Hey, be confident and hope for the best!!!!!
  3. @Addie444 Yes, I did. When I received a notification from the BU Admissions, I saw "campus visit" on the headline. I was like, "Yes, it's happening," but when I went into the email, I was like, "Are you f'king kidding me?" It seems to be fun for the Admissions sending out any communications at this time... LOL BU is killing me!!!!! Let's see if we will hear from them TOMORROW.
  4. Hopefully some time by the end of this week. Fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!
  5. Haha...yes, I was like WTH!!! @JS44Phd Did you attend the webinar this morning??
  6. Same here, but only for BU. Why they are so slow???!!!
  7. @EpiApp20 You can reach out to UCI's Epi department just to confirm because you don't wanna be either overdressed or underdressed. Usually, business casual is fine. Remember to wear comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet ALL DAY!!! Good luck on your interviews and have fun at events !!!!
  8. @pubhealth7 you can reach out to the school/department just to confirm because you don't wanna be either overdressed or underdressed. Usually, business casual is fine. Remember to wear comfortable shoes!!! That's what I was told.
  9. @MDMS2020 I attended an online info session with Angela and Dr. Stuver. I was told that they accepted 9 people. But only 4-5 ended up matriculating. And since BU no longer requires the GRE, applicants will def. be doubled or even tripled. LOL I thought about applying to Penn State but the location sucks and I couldn't find anybody that has the same research interest(s) as I. So that's why I didn't apply there.
  10. @ehs20app Nice!! Hope your interviews at JHU went well. Yes, I have been waiting for BU. They take FOREVER!!!! Which program at BU did you apply to, if you don't mind me asking? I applied to the BU Epi program. Somebody from the group already heard back from BU's HRS.
  11. Ugh...that suck!!! If that so I don't think they reviewed my updated transcript. Anyway, Blah... @MDMS2020 Oh well, we will just have to wait then.
  12. @MDMS2020 Do you mean the Epi program director, Dr. Stuver or the Admission director, Angela? I sent my transcript to Angela and asked her to add it to my application. But who knows if she did or did not. LOL ... Even though she did, the Epi program people might not look at it... LOL
  13. @MDMS2020 Wait! What? I didn't even know that. Upon receiving all my final grades for this past fall, I updated my transcript in SOPHAS and also requested a copy sent to the Admissions. They didn't say anything and seemed fine. I also sent an updated transcript to other schools I applied to. They accepted it and were also fine.
  14. From earlier posts, a few people who applied to BU's HSR have heard back. Anyone applied to BU's Epi? Has anyone heard from the Epi department? They seem slow and are still reviewing applications?? Ugh...the wait is killing me!!!
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