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  1. Just got my rejection from Brown.. I am not totally shocked but just a little bit disheartened. This process really does take a toll on you. I have an interview at UMaryland that I am VERY stressed about... oh well. If anyone has heard anything from NYU, GW or UCLA please keep me updated Wishing all of us so much luck!!
  2. Hi all, Has anyone heard anything from the following schools: USC ULCA University of Illinois-Chicago Rutgers George Washington Any insight would be super helpful!
  3. I would say Skype is better because it provides a better way to showcase yourself and you can get a read of the people interviewing you better. If you don't mind me asking, where is the interview request from? (Just trying to figure out how many of the schools I have applied to are getting back to people)
  4. I got an interview request for the Department of Family Science for a PhD in Maternal and Child Health. I sent in my application in November. I am SO nervous.
  5. Got my rejection from JHU's Population, Family and Reproductive health program. Very disheartened but a few more responses to go. Do people know anything about the UNC or UCLA applications? Shikha
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