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  1. Likewise. Which period(s) are you working on?
  2. I've heard that UToronto is competitive! (Indeed, uToronto is my dream Uni) Finger cross mate!
  3. Hi all, I applied for University of Zurich (UZH) and the University of Hong Kong (HKU) with Chinese Language and Literature major. If you were me (without any burden), which school do you prefer, and why? Thanks mates! Christian PS: failed in all North American submission.
  4. Did not receive any offers from the north america, but got the offer from UZH.
  5. I finally wrote him an email and let him know that I've refined my RP. I still didn't have the courage to ask him when will the application result will be released. lol just write to him that I really hope to work with him haha
  6. Hello, I've applied to University of Alberta - (first choice) (M.A. Thesis in East Asian Studies) University of Toronto - (M.A. in East Asian Studies) Simon Fraser University - (M.A. in Humanities) A bit sad that I haven't heard anything yet.
  7. Hello. I applied for East Asian Studies, and no result either.
  8. So nice of you! Glad to hear that. I wrote an email to my potential supervisor in last year October. At that time, she told me that she's interested in my project plus encouraged me to apply for the MA (East Asian Studies). waiting time (6-8 weeks) is too long for me... but I don't know if it is appropriate to write another email to them and enquire for the result release day. 😕
  9. International student here. Applied for UT and UAlberta MA in East Asian Studies and nervously waiting for the result. Contacted PoI from both institutions prior to application. UAlberta POI did write to me and "strongly encouraged" me to apply for the programme and mentioned my provisional project is very interesting. UToronto's prof said he may not be able to supervise me as he will be on sabbatical leave 😭 Does anyone know when will the result release? Perhaps more feedback by next week? I assume I'll be rejected actually if I haven't heard anything back. Plus I do have a backup plan
  10. This week is extraordinary for me. Received M.A. from Tübingen (Germany) as the back-up plan, plus interviewed with Lund for East Asian Studies!! Good luck!
  11. Am sure you can get it! plus thanks for the questions!! Gonna have an interview next week with Lund. Now getting super nervous!!
  12. Me neither honestly. i really don't know the rules of the games. Upon completion to all American application, I'm now looking for European chance hahaha!
  13. No Worries @asdf1123 Am sure you can find the best programme. At least you have one!
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