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    emdspeech got a reaction from experienced_needpaper in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    Congratulations! Emerson seemed the post personable to me, but I've decided to attend NYU because the program seems to match most closely to my goals and I feel the most excited about their program. The only hesitation (between NYU and a local in-person program at my undergrad institution) is COST. These online options are so expensive!! 
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    emdspeech got a reaction from speechy18 in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    The Emerson interview was much less scary/more laid back than I thought it was going to be. You're asked 3 questions by your admissions counselor, have 12 mins to answer (plenty enough time imo) and the answers are recorded then sent to the review board with the rest of your application. I don't remember the questions exactly.. but they're along the lines of what would make you a successful grad student, why speech language pathology, etc. Nothing specific about research or knowledge in the field necessarily. GOOD LUCK, my advice is to relax and just be yourself. Answer honestly to the best of your ability and you'll do great.
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    emdspeech reacted to Radamel in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    CONGRATULATIONS! Was this for the May 2020 Cohort? Not familiar with the schools, but did want to go ahead and congratulate you! These programs are hard to get into. As a matter of fact, I am interested in NYU's online program Fall 2020. I just got a call yesterday and was asked if I had any questions regarding the application because I started it sometime back. I not quite sure if I should apply since I saw a few ppl get accepted already. Makes me think they have already or are close to choosing their Fall 2020 cohort. Any advice?  
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    emdspeech got a reaction from Radamel in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    Hi all,
    I've recently been accepted to three online programs for Speech Language Pathology: Emerson College, NYU-Steinhardt, and Baylor University for the May 2020 cohort. YAY!! The obvious con is that all three are super expensive.. but I'm willing to make the investment for flexibility and quality programs. I am waiting to hear back from a few other programs, but wanted some feedback regarding these three in the meantime.
    Are there any graduates from any of these programs that could weigh into my decision? Good or Bad? Or, has anyone heard any information that would be helpful to decision making? I feel like I've researched the whole internet looking for ratings/opinions but I know these programs are fairly new so I haven't found much. I'm trying to keep this short and sweet but open to giving more info if needed. I didn't think I'd be accepted into all 3.. so I thought it would be helpful to weigh in some opinions. BIG DECISIONS-- HELP!
    NYU-Steinhardt (online), Emerson College (online), Baylor University (online), Lamar University, University of Houston, University of St. Augustine (online), Our Lady of the Lake University
    Applied, Accepted, Interview, Waitlisted, Denied
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    emdspeech got a reaction from Emily L in Lamar SLP Program   
    I've also been accepted! Lamar is my undergrad institution (graduated in 2014) but I currently live in Houston. Undecided if I'll attend Lamar or do an online program I've been accepted into as well. LU has an EXCELLENT program-- the professors are great and super caring. As for living, I actually recommend looking for an apartment/house in the Nederland area. It's really close to the Lamar campus but a lot nicer (in my opinion) than some areas of Beaumont. Good Luck on the search and Congrats!!
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    emdspeech reacted to Speechfun in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    I applied to all three as well and In my opinion Baylor was the most personable and most helpful! It is where I decided to go and will be starting the online program in MAY 2020!! They have been so great so far! Good luck with everything!
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    emdspeech got a reaction from speech97 in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    This is so helpful-- thank you for taking the time to answer! I've heard that from many NYU students-- that they LOVE the program, only complaint is cost. Which like you, many feel are worth it. Thanks again!
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    emdspeech reacted to AnnaM in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    Thank you !!! I applied for September 2020, so I'm still waiting !
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    emdspeech reacted to AnnaM in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    @bilingualspeechlife I also applied to Emerson. Interviewed on January 28, application completed on February 7 and still waiting on the decision. Any advice on how they operate? I applied for Fall 2020 Program.
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    emdspeech reacted to speech97 in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    Thank you! I just began my second semester and I would say that I study almost every day with the exception of some weekends. I would say about 6-10 hours per week on one class. It also depends on the material covered that week. The thing I love most about the program is that we are able to watch the asynch lectures as many times as we want which is so helpful! It really allows you to go back and grasp the material. The professors are honestly amazing.. I've loved every single one of them and they are always so helpful. As for more theory/research.. I do not really feel that's been the case. Who knows down the line! But we do read a lot of research and lots of it is cited, however many of the professors also work in the field and speak about their experiences/ relate it to the field during the live sessions. I am taking a research class this semester though which I do enjoy so far! Feel free to ask any other questions, happy to help! 
    Cost is hefty but I believe it will be worth it in the end. NYU has many connections and its reputation speaks for itself. I don't really have anything negative to say other than cost! 
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    emdspeech got a reaction from speech97 in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    @speech97Congrats on completing your first semester! Glad to hear it's been good for you so far.. I've heard great things about the professors and know one recent grad that felt her education was very high quality (her only complaint was cost). How many hours per week do you normally dedicate towards studying and classes? Also, I've read that NYU focuses more on theory/research than other programs.. do you feel that's true? That's kind of what draws me towards the program.. just so worried if the cost is actually worth it. THANK YOU responding and being willing to answer questions!
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    emdspeech reacted to KEIM in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    That’s good news! I’m glad Emerson takes other factors into consideration when it comes to the 5 year expiration date for the foundational courses. 
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    emdspeech reacted to KEIM in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    Thanks so much for all the helpful information about the timeline! I'm also a Mom as well, which is why online programs work best for my lifestyle. I do know that Baylor is 100% online with no time required on campus. Unlike, NYU and Emerson which do require some time on campus. But, I don't think it's a significant amount of time. It's another thing to consider. 
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    emdspeech reacted to MadisonMachelle in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    To all of the posters that mention how expensive the online schools are, I HIGHLY suggest you apply to ENMU because classes are significantly cheaper and they are also an accredited school with lots of alumni, 100% praxis pass-rate and employment in the 90+percentiles! 
    I'm taking some online courses through them and liked them so much that I'm applying to their distance program. The only fall back is that they require you to be on campus for ~4 months. 
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    emdspeech reacted to MadisonMachelle in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    Congratulations EMDSpeech! 
    I was accepted to NYU and Emerson last year and thought I would reach out and let you know that if you can explain why you believe that you should be awarded financial aid/scholarships, they might offer you a $5,000 grant. This isn't for each semester or year, but it is a start and could help you decide
    Best luck!
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    emdspeech reacted to KEIM in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    I know all of them are expensive but the only determining factor for me would be cost of the program. Which one is the least expensive? I am also applying to all of those programs as well! Congrats on getting in to all 3. 
    I just completed my application to Baylor a few days ago. My admissions counselor informed me that I should expect a decision around 6-8 weeks. Although, she also told me people have been getting their decisions much earlier than that. I'd be interested to see what the actual turnaround time has been for other applicants. 
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    emdspeech reacted to speechie264 in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    @emdspeech I recently applied for the May Cohort as well. If you don't mind me asking when did you submit your application for Baylor? What was the timeline for their decision?
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    emdspeech reacted to speech97 in Speech Pathology Online Programs - Decisions!   
    Hi there! I am currently a student at NYU's program and about to start my second semester next week. So far so good! I have enjoyed the professors and the coursework and feel that the first semester went well for the most part. I also live in New York so I do go on campus to study which is helpful. Feel free to ask me any other questions you have specifically about the school! 
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    emdspeech got a reaction from futurespeechieinprogress in Speech@Emerson May 2020   
    Hi! I applied to Speech@Emerson for the May 2020 cohort, interviewed in late November and received the news that I was accepted on December 20th! My admissions counselor called to tell me the news, then followed up with an email. My cumulative GPA was 3.8, GRE scores 149, 150, 4.5. I worked as an SLP-A for 3 years before applying. I felt I wrote a strong personal statement and had good LORs so I think that helped too.
    I'm currently undecided if I'll attend, awaiting a few more schools so I can know all my options before deciding. GOOD LUCK to you both, it seems to be a really great program!! 
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