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  1. I got an interview for the Phd Health Policy Program at Berkeley a couple weeks ago. No news from Wharton, although I applied to the same program
  2. Oh that's super interesting. I received a phone interview and then was invited to an in-person interview, without an offer of admission. I guess it varies by program
  3. Does anyone know the percentage of students who are invited to Harvard's in person interview day and then receive an offer of admission?
  4. Someone posted about receiving an invitation to BU's in-person day on Friday?
  5. Has anyone been invited to BU's in person interview days (Feburary 14). I received a phone interview from them a couple weeks ago but have not heard anything since about being invited to the in-person day.
  6. What do you all recommend wearing to in-person interviews? Is a suit too formal?
  7. For anyone waiting on UNC, I was contacted by a POI
  8. I also heard from Hopkins last week as well as from BU and Emory. Best of luck to you as we hear back from these programs
  9. Hi everyone! Has anyone heard from health policy and management/health services research programs for interviews? Seems like many interviews that have gone out are for epi/behavioral health
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