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  1. Has anyone gotten into Pitt? Was hoping to discuss their funding with someone. All of the emails seem extremely discouraging on this subject.
  2. Yikes! So few, but good to know I guess thanks!
  3. I applied there as well, do you guys have any idea/plans for proceeding with funding if you get in? Or were you in contact with a faculty member beforehand?
  4. BU just sent out emails! No interview for me, but hopefully better news for others
  5. So, no Boston Epi results today I guess? I haven't seen anything on the acceptance board either.
  6. I'm sorry about Emory but with those stats + MD + knowing people at Brown already, I'm 1000% certain an acceptance is coming your way somewhere great.
  7. Wow, I wonder if Epi candidates will have a different interview day then? Someone else in the thread mentioned the doctoral interview day is the 24th 😕
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