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  1. Also still waiting UCI Epi. I emailed them today and they said they will try their best to make final decisions due to COVID-19 pandemic. I also have other programs which need me to make decision before April 15th. I am struggling for whether I should still wait not. So weird.😶
  2. Hi all, I haven't heard from you for a little while. So can you guys tell me more about your admission decision? I have been rejected by 4 programs, but I still hope I can hear some good news from you guys.
  3. When I tried to apply Emory, I noticed the strict requirement of maths. Although I learned a lot about statistics, I still missed some basic maths. I just give up applying. So disappointing.😕
  4. Thank you for response. Hope we all get in.
  5. Did anyone apply to Rutgers hear back from them? 🤦‍♂️
  6. Thanks for your response and hope we all get in.
  7. I noticed that Rutgers sent email that they would notifying results before Feb. 15th, but I haven’t heard back from them too. Actually a friend told me last week that he will have an interview with Rutgers this week in Epi.
  8. Not at all🤦‍♂️They just told me Tulane only wants to admit 1-3 persons since they only admitted 3 people 2019 Fall for Epi. I think the funding should not be a big concern at this time.🤦‍♂️ If you applied other programs, it will be a major problem.
  9. Tulane may send their results around Feb. 15th. We are in the same boat. Good luck!
  10. Hi all, I just silently see your admissions. I applied 8 schools, but I just got one interview. I didn’t apply top schools like you. As an international student with a MS completed in US, is my chance of admitted by UCSF and UCI approximately zero? I know USCF is very competitive and what about UCI?
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