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  1. I have a question about funding! My program is tying my pay to the number of hours I work as a Research Assistant. They guaranteed $25 for 20hrs in a week including tuition and other fees waived except for medical insurance which is to be paid by myself. My question now is if I do not work up to the 20 hours in a week, will they not pay the guaranteed amount?
  2. Any news from the PhD SBS of NYU by anyone?
  3. Anyone know about Clemson ARHE? when are they likely to send decisions? I heard they do not interview
  4. Hi anyone, does Brown and Emory Social and Behavioral health dept have dates of interview yet?
  5. Somehow, getting rejection is even better than nothing from the same program you applied to, where some are getting rejection and acceptances. I hate this wait.
  6. Sorry about that! Did you apply to the social and behavioral track in Brown?
  7. I am in that shoe with you. I applied to the Behavioral and Social track too and I have heard nothing. Rejection nor Acceptance!!! Terrible feelings
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