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  1. I received an very generic email from someone in graduate studies at Queen's about a webinar. I haven't heard anything from my POI since before I submitted my application and I know others have received interviews, so i'm like 90% sure im rejected. Is this just a general email that all CGS-M applicants for Queen's get,regardless of application status (I haven't been declined, but also nothing else has happened)? EDIT: also, should I follow up with my POI? This is my first time applying, so I'm not sure if it's acceptable or not. We did share a few emails back and forth in October but not
  2. I saw a couple people asking if anyone has heard anything about York. My POI contacted me late last week (first contact since September) and said files are being reviewed by the department. They said they’d reach out to me this week at some point to follow-up. It was a vague email and I haven’t heard anything since then but I figured I’d share the little info about it that I have. Hopefully we’ll all hear something soon! Edit: I’d prefer not to share the POI who contacted me but I will say this is for the CD area
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