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  1. Same here! UCI is my top choice school right now but I'm still waiting on their decision. But another school wants my response bye the 21st.
  2. Are you asking about the Epidemiology or Public Health PHD program? I haven't heard anything back from the Epi program yet.
  3. Did anyone else's UIC admissions status change from "Complete, Under Department Review" to "Additional Review Required"? I'm not sure what to expect from this and if it's a good or bad thing.
  4. I reached out to one of the professors last week, and they told me that it could be a couple more weeks and that they were still in the process of considering people.
  5. Is anyone else waiting to hear back from UC Irvine, UIC, or Berkeley's PHD Epidemiology program? And does anyone know when we should be expecting to hear from them?
  6. Yup! I'm just waiting on hearing back from SDSU/UCSD, and Berkeley.
  7. Hey, I spoke to some of the last year's students and they got their acceptances around Valentines day. So should be coming up soon!
  8. Hope everyone's interviews are going well. Just had a general question, on average how long did it take to hear back from your program after your interview?
  9. Hey everyone, I'm having my first interview this week and I am completely nervous. What are some general things that I should be ready to talk about and should expect to hear? I've been trying to figure out ways to prepare myself for them or at least calm my nerves a bit.
  10. Hey everyone. Just got an invite to UC Irvine's Epidemiology Visit Day. I was wondering what you all recommend wearing for this event. Activities include: brief orientation session, faculty research presentations, informal group lunch with faculty, staff, and current students, and chances to meet 1 on 1 with faculty. They mention that "We aim for an informal but informative and fun experience." Thanks for the input, and I hope everyone is hearing great news back!
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