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  1. Interviewed almost 2 months ago and been on the waitlist for over a month and have had no updates since...every day my anxiety and stress is going up and up :'). I reached out to profs but it seems that everyone is so busy because of the whole COVID situation so I don't know when (or if) they will give me updates. Argh, I just want to know! The wait goes on... hang in there ya'll ❤️
  2. I'm not familiar with the program at St. John's, but I think you should definitely try to get into contact with students currently in the program (or who have graduated from the program). I believe they will be able to best help you in terms of the quality of the program instead of listening to "rumours" from people not in the program. Also, did you talk to any current graduate students in the program during your interview day? Perhaps try to get into contact with them via phone/email? Or email the program director and ask if they can provide you contact information for current grad stud
  3. Congratulations! Did you have an interview for this program?
  4. I hate waiting as well... The school I am waiting for has multiple alternate lists based on faculty/research interests so they cannot tell me whether I'm high, medium or low on the waitlist... checking my email every few hours is driving me nuts!! At this point I just wanna know!!!
  5. It was a mass email I believe as it just said "Dear Applicant" and not my name.
  6. Just received an email from the director of the Counseling Psychology program at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale (SIUC) that they will be cancelling their open house interview day as they will no longer be able to accept any students this year due to "changes in staffing/budgeting" and that "these changes were sudden and unexpected". I am so surprised/shocked right now as I have already booked my hotel and was really looking forward to interviewing there...
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