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  1. Any news from Miami of Ohio?
  2. Yes. If a majority of faculty have to move all their classes online, especially the 400+ level philosophy courses, it can be a bit distracting.
  3. Well your OP seems to offer a defense for the BC MA program, I just wanted to know what you are defending it from. I've personally heard nothing about it, however it seems as though there is already some bad JuJu for which you are trying to dissuade people.
  4. So no one complains about the coursework at all? Just transportation issues?
  5. What are these "stupid issues" to which you are referring?
  6. I've also been accepted to Mississippi do you intend on going there?
  7. I am also awaiting News for Miami of Ohio.
  8. I've been accepted to Ole Miss, which I am excited about given their focus for my AOI. I'm awaiting to hear from other Master's programs but I think I'll be attending Ole Miss if they fund me. Good Luck all!
  9. It seems like it wasn't for the regular PhD program but for the History and Philosophy of Science? Is that the one you applied to also? I didn't. Maybe it's a different AdCom?
  10. What is happening with Notre Dame?
  11. I'm a bit unsure about how funding works in general do all programs require you to fill out a FAFSA or only some?
  12. On the main Texas Tech website it says that that funding is no longer considered after the 15th of January. Is the Philosophy program different then, concerning the funding schedules?
  13. Someone posted they got into Rice. Anyone can Update/Confirm Etc. ?
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