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  1. Congratulations. This is wonderful news. Wish you the very best in the days ahead!!!
  2. Thanks a lot for answering. I guess I am very very nervous about emailing them. Strange limbo this, I find myself caught in...
  3. Anyone here heard back from the International Health Global Disease or Health Systems tracks from JHU?
  4. WOW! That is really something. It is great that despite so many adversities you chose to fight through! I am sure bigger and better things are waiting to happen. JHU is indeed one of the best places one can go to study public health and I really hope that your DrPH works out.
  5. Wow. This is amazing. Congratulations!!!! Which program did you get in?
  6. Same here. No worries. There's a lot of great programs out there for us. We can still make it.
  7. Not there in SOPHAS. You have to check the JHU Portal. Link begins with mypath. You will have it in one of the earlier emails they sent you. Once the decision is put up online, the left hand side tab which says "checklist for application" will change into "application decision". And the decision will be there in unmissable, huge disappointing (for me) letters. Best of luck. I have a hunch that that if you haven't been rejected till now you're likely to be accepted.
  8. Ok... great. Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, my tab still says "Application checklist" and the page states: Currently, your application is Application Sent for Review.
  9. Where exactly can we see the decision? I find their group slightly confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. Thank you... exactly my thoughts. The website details are more like suggestions rather than recommendations. Best to reach out to people whose work reflect our interests and experiences... Not sure how exact these dates are, but if they do manage to narrow things down, they should start mailing the applicants within a week or so. I feel like the complete list of results will, however, not be declared till the end of this month. But different departments do it in different ways though, so not a lot to go on. Any idea what it was like last year? Sorry for the ambiguous wording. I meant to say that we can pick up 20 hours of work per week, either as a TA or in any other capacity. There are WHO APWs which can be done remotely, so being on campus does not become a hindrance. A lot of public health consultancy work can be picked up along the way as well. But 20 hours a week is really restrictive. ID track within the epidemiology? I believe JHU Epi is done with their short listing. Not sure if all the short listed candidates were interviewed or not. But it ain't over till the lady sings out - let us cross our fingers, hope for the best, and wait to hear from them. Personally, I am kind of preparing for the worst. The longer it takes, the more unlikely it becomes that I shall be selected... Actually, from what I heard, there is significant movement. If you are in the "top third" of the waiting list, there is ample reason to hope. Overall acceptances are around 60-70% at best. Again, all of this is hearsay. No clue if they are ACTUALLY true or not. I remember there was someone from JHU on this thread... maybe they could chime in!
  11. That is so true! I also enquired about consultancy work - something which I have been thinking of picking up with WHO on the side - if possible. They said 9 weeks of leave + 20 hours per week. This is a suggested limit, not enforced if students can meet the parameters of academic excellence expected of them.
  12. Information based on interactions about JHU Epi with people there: 1. They reviewed almost 300 serious applications for their 14 positions. 2. They have a shortlist of around 70 candidates from amongst the 300. 3. There is no fixed or pre-decided number of positions per track for the 14 positions. 4. They will try and find a good research matched mentor in the department for selected students. So, it seems reaching out to faculty and gauging their interests in our work would be a good way to go forward? 5. All students will receive tuition waivers, health insurance. Stipends would be based on RA/TA positions and there are no guarantees. 6. Departmental meetings are scheduled for this week to deliberate on the list. In addition to 14 offers, there will be about 10 applicants who will be waitlisted. 7. Usually 50-60% of candidates who are offered accept the position; there is usually some movement in the waiting list - but this is from previous years when tuition waivers were not available for everyone. 8. Selections will be done in the next day or two, and emails will follow. Not sure if this helps, just wanted to put it out there in case anyone else is going stir crazy waiting for things to move...
  13. This is one of my positions of interest as well. I am an international applicant. Did you get an email from Fran Burman afterwards, with a link to their department video? If you are OK working in Canada, you could connect with Dr. Madhukar Pai at McGill... Congratulations! That is an amazing program!!! I thought it was a good thing if programs claimed to be reviewing my application... is it not? Congratulations! For those of us who are staring down the barrel, please tell us what you did differently, or how did you improve your application this time around? Wow... congratulations!!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks for mentioning this... quite helpful. However, in the GSAS application, there was a page where they had explicitly asked to mention 3 faculty members with whom my research interests were well aligned, and 3 faculty members with whom I had reached out to discuss about my research interests. I had not reached out to anyone... so I left the second question blank. This seems to me their way of either making sure that people we talked to were not reviewing our applications, or they were trying to find a best fit for us. Not sure which though... Thanks for the positive message... but unfortunately, I am on the verge of giving up on all of this for this year...
  14. Just received rejection from Harvard... not that I was expecting any better. Had not reached out to anyone there. Had not even tried to find out mentors to push my application. Did not know that was a thing! Anyway. Hope the other applications work out... sigh...
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