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  1. Hey guys! It's nice to see that we have others willing to share their application experience! My friend has been accepted but I am still waiting to hear back! I was wondering what everyone's application looked like as well. Gpa- Experience- References - Thanks guys
  2. There have been 4 acceptances for the MEd Counselling and psychotherapy program on the results page.. 😕 Holding on to hope🤞 Does anyone know if schools generally send acceptances on the same day? Or are they delivered at different times? (Oise in particular) Thanks guys!
  3. You can find preliminary counts to all applications submitted for this application period at oise here: https://ro.oise.utoronto.ca/RO_Stats.htm
  4. I did. I'm surprised not a lot of people who applied to this program are more active on here. There were more than 530 applicants this year to this program alone (you can check stats on the website). I'm anticipating hearing back from OISE this week or next... Hopefully 🤞
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