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  1. Thank you so much for replying, I didn't get to tour the campus so this very helpful! Yes I've heard that it's very "library" focused, which I didn't know what that meant, but I guess they work with libraries and help create their websites? I'm not so much interested in libraries but if the program collaborates heavily with their library/archives students, then maybe I'll need to think about my decision some more haha. Thanks again!
  2. Hi! First time posting here. I applied to SVA’s IXD, Pratt’s IED (Information Experience Design), and Parsons’ DT (Design and Techonology) programs for the upcoming fall 2020 semester. I’m still waiting for the decision from SVA, got waitlisted at Parsons, and got accepted at Pratt with no scholarship. Is anyone still waiting for SVA? I know the april 15 deadline is coming up and I feel like I might not get a decision email by them.. I wasn’t able to get a decision letter on March 16 since I didn’t deliver all my materials before Jan 15. Even so.. do you think I will still get a de
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