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  1. Hello All, 

    So I emailed a professor, instead of the administrative staff, I suppose they (at least the department I was interested in) knows but I was told that I am there 1st alternate (as they only have one fellowship to give out this next year). The profesor told me they are likely to send out officials in the next week or two. 

    I would absolutely e-mail the department, directly.

    Good luck!

  2. 34 minutes ago, Becca12 said:

    To anyone who applied to Yale-Prep and still waiting for an answer, I will be speaking with Dr. Streete today. So, if you have any questions that you would like to ask him, I can ask him for you, and maybe get some answers to this never ending doom. FYI, this is not an interview, it is just an informal call. 


    Thank you for doing this. Do you mind asking if they've made decisions for both BBS PREP and ESI PREP? 

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