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  1. Did anyone hear back about housing? I got an email that I am on the waitlist and hadn't been picked this time.
  2. I'm in the same boat! Don't worry. I got in touch with the housing rep. via email; she said that if you don't receive a notification that you've been given a housing assignment by the 24th of July, then you're added to the waitlist. Also, is anyone else thinking of doing at least the first semester via online? I'm seriously considering it...
  3. Congratulations! I'm from MA and went to undergrad in upstate NY. I look forward to being on campus too, and I hope that we have a more definite answer about whether classes will be on campus or online soon!
  4. Hi All. I've committed to the East Asian Languages and Cultures M.A. program, but am slightly worried about the fall semester being online/other virus-related contingencies. Does anyone have any information about what the fall semester will likely look like?
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