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  1. Hello! Would love any advice as I'm another newbie here and would love to hear anything on my chances or what else I should look into 🙂 Program Applying to: Not sure yet, looking for best schools for public policy/intnl affairs but most likely Canadian schools MPP or MA in public policy, NPSIA, MGA (Munk?), Max Bell Public Policy, LSE, Sciences Po, or John Hopkins SAIS Undergraduate Institution: Top 10 I believe in Canada Undergraduate GPA: 3.3 cumulative Undergraduate Major: Global studies GRE: Have not taken, I'm guessing this is mandatory for US school apps though
  2. Hi, I'm an undergrad wondering how funding works for these grad schools usually - is it random based on the strength of your personal statement? You can get some funding or none at all? May I also ask what is a good enough average to get into these schools especially programs like NPSIA? Is it normally based on a 4 point gpa scale? Are B gpa's ever accepted? Do schools really focus on last 2 years of school or 10 credits or cumulative more in your experience? Thank you!
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