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  1. @bonesandbakes I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts! I know Penn Anthropology has suspended PhD admissions, but I'm considering applying to the MA that leads to the PhD. And Deborah Thomas is actually one of the faculty I'm interested in working with.
  2. @reverend_doctor Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I had no idea about CUNY's treatment of adjuncts and faculty. I initially became interested in the CUNY Graduate School after attending a professional conference and speaking to some of the faculty members from the anthropology department. I also like that the department has very diverse faculty, many of whom have research expertise in my specific areas. I would prefer to be in the Midwest or East Coast, but I am open to applying elsewhere. My undergraduate thesis was a comparative ethnographic study on Black wo
  3. I will be applying to PhD programs in Sociocultural Anthropology this December to enter in Fall 2021. I'm trying to find programs that would be supportive of activist anthropology, and treat social justice as an important aspect of the graduate program. Not all my research is centered around activist anthropology, but I want to be in a department that won't fault my work as being somehow "lesser" than the more theoretical-based approaches and projects. More specifically, my research interests are in surveillance, policing, Black feminist theory, and violence, with a regional focus on urban cit
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