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  1. I want to submit mine but a lot of programs I'm applying to said they are not reviewing GRE scores at all so Idk. I think 160Q and 155V would be competitive, I would send scores with at least 85-90th percentiles.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations! I just looked into the programs and I think I would add them to my list. Hope application is going well for you!
  3. Hi all, I’m getting really anxious as application season comes and new semester starts. I don’t have a very strong statistics undergraduate background so if someone could please evaluate my profile it would be much appreciated! Type of student: International Asian Female Undergraduate Institution: large public university (US news top 30) Undergraduate Majors: CS + Psychology, minor in statistics Current GPA: 3.99 GRE: 170Q + 167V + 5.0AW Relevant Courses: calc 3, intro probability, linear algebra, discrete math, psyc statistics, data structure, algorithm, bioinfo
  4. How much stats/math background (either courses or research) do applicants usually have for quant psyc phd programs? My background is mainly in psychology and computer science so I'm a little unsure about my applications... Also is now a good time to contact POIs to ask if they are recruiting?
  5. not doing that personally, but I think quant knowledge can definitely prepare you well for phds in any area that involves research. I also heard that some people in quant were initially in clinical, so maybe the lines aren't that definite
  6. I'm applying (still subject to change though) to UNC, UVA, Arizona State, UT Austin, University of Houston, Notre Dame, USC, Vanderbilt, and Iowa. Vanderbilt is not taking phd students, but I still think it's worth applying to the master program. I'm also an international applicant btw haha. This year has been so stressful I wish I could fast-forward it.
  7. I have 9 in total on my list right now, but my list is probably going to change. I might end up applying to more master programs because I don't have a very strong research background🤔 Which schools are you thinking about if you don't mind sharing?
  8. I took it about three weeks ago on a Mac and it went very smooth! I would recommend it because 1) you can take it at your comfort zone 2) safer than going to a testing center 4) can choose any start time. Setting up the tech stuff was not hard either, and the proctor I had was super helpful and prompt. That being said, I did saw some horror stories on reddit.
  9. I'm probably gonna apply to some phd programs and some master programs. Interested in SEM and data mining!
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