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    emmm reacted to Ariy in The Inconvenient Truth about the GRE - Part 2 - Some Evidence   
    You cannot measure motivation, dedication, and creativity- end of story.  
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    emmm reacted to midnight in The Inconvenient Truth about the GRE - Part 2 - Some Evidence   
    Uh, guys, my post above was a joke.
    While I don't think the GRE is completely without merit (I've even defended it before), I don't think that someone's performance on one test on one given day can say much about a person's potential academic or professional performance--often in an excruciatingly specialized field--for years to come.
    I scored well on the GRE verbal because I have a memory for and genuine interest in vocabulary; I wouldn't say that my vocabulary knowledge makes me smarter, more capable, or more ambitious than my competition. Quite honestly my vocab skills won't help me do anything but learn material a bit faster and write better reports, and once everyone else in my professional program acquires the same field-specific lexicon, my "talent" will seem even less impressive.
    Anyway, there are numerous factors that affect standardized test scores that truly have little to do with innate intelligence, intellectual curiosity, or hard work, and I think the predictive value of such a test is specious at best, harmful at worst. But it's part of the admissions game, and that's why I took the test.
    Interesting links:
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    emmm reacted to MissMoneyJenny in The Inconvenient Truth about the GRE - Part 2 - Some Evidence   
    All of your sources are older than 5 years old. I want newer proof please. 
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    emmm reacted to midnight in The Inconvenient Truth about the GRE - Part 2 - Some Evidence   
    Oh no, please let it be true--I scored in the 93rd percentile for verbal; I guess that means grad school will be a breeze for me! And how can I not get in? After all, my GRE verbal score is pretty damn good.
    What's that you say? The GRE doesn't guarantee admission, and if I matriculate, I still have to show up, make an effort, study, read, contribute, participate, and do in-depth work both inside and outside of the classroom? But...but...I did well on one section of one very specific test.
    Dream killer!
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    emmm got a reaction from Sury in School lists, and statements, and letters, oh my!   
    I feel your pain -- I had an awful time with my personal statement. One person who read a first-ish draft asked why I wrote those things. . . The thing is, I knew it was awful, but I couldn't work through it on my own, so I let other people read it, even though just thinking about it makes me cringe. Good luck!
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    emmm got a reaction from comp12 in Its all about to START soon.   
    Why the illegible font size?
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