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  1. Wow! Thank you for all the info! This was exceptionally helpful. I'm in a really similar boat with Penn being my top program but another school offering me an additional fellowship for at least the first year. I think I'll send an email the chair of the committee and the department with similar inquiries; and maybe I'll ask about it at the additional Q&A session coming up this month. Are you leaning towards Penn over Duke? (I also interviewed at Duke [Immunology] but I did not have a good time -- no real connection with the faculty or the students.)
  2. Hey, have you heard any additional information on this or found out more from your preferred choice? I'm actually in a really similar boat and would love your insight.
  3. Agreed with what "blood type" said. It is wholly program dependent, and I think largely dictated by the size of the program and the amount of NIH or external funding the program receives. From my personal experience: I interviewed with Duke Immunology -- there were a total of 25 people interviewing. They expect a class size of around 5. This year, instead of being able to send offers to an excess of people, they were only able to send out exact or slightly more than they hope to matriculate. Everybody else was either immediately rejected or added to the waitlist. I was waitlisted and
  4. Anyone out there thinking about UCSF or UPenn? Starting to become extremely torn over the two.
  5. Hey! I've only talked to one school about it thus far, UCSF, and they said they'd really hoped to be able to reimburse students for travels to come tour the school but unfortunately are unable to (not sure why, maybe a health&safety / legality thing). It's not going to be the cheapest thing in the world, but it's crucially important for me to figure out where I'll be living for the next 5+ years. I absolutely think it is a reasonable request. And, per my convo with UCSF, they'd hoped to be able to do this very thing. I plan to ask Penn if they'd be able to reimburse this expense
  6. I am planning to fly out to the schools in my top three that I'm weighing between. Obviously, we applied to these programs for a reason. But once you interview and potentially get an offer, you have harder decisions to weigh, and it's valid to be conflicted. I know I am. I have also been reaching out to the students hosts I was connected with, following up with them about professors and if they know additional faculty researching topics I am interested. Further, I am reaching out to faculty I interviewed with (saying thank you & remarking on their research -- many of which resp
  7. Have any of y'all interviewed at UPenn? If so, how was it?
  8. Sounds about right for UW. The MCB program said they're interviewing 12% of their applicants this year. Immuno sounds like ~15%. It's cool to see the numbers.
  9. Student host said if you're one of the people they want to extend and offer to, you'll hear something this coming week. She also said, remember there are still 2 interview weekends, they can't give all spots away immediately, so you might not hear anything cause you've been waitlisted. it's just a real possibility. good luck.
  10. UW Seattle (MCB) is interviewing 72 people over the course of two weekends, which, according to their invite email, is 12% of applicants. If you quickly do the math, that is 600 applicants. Every interview webpage i've seen says they received a record number of applicants this year, but who knows what that really means.
  11. I just interviewed with Brown MCBGP today and leading up to my interview it was pretty sporadic and sparse information. I think the programs are quite small and they don't have the same infrastructure as others do when it comes to planning and organizing these virtual events. For instance, i didn't get the interview schedule until Monday, didn't get the link to the interview website until Wednesday, and still didn't have access to some of the google sheets until Thursday morning, then the interview was today. It all went off smoothly, but it was a bit stressful leading up. I'd try sending an e
  12. I would argue against asking that. Odds of getting in after being invited for an interview are quite high. But preempting the interview by asking a question like that might make the panel nervous about your willingness to be recruited. I understand the difficulty, though. I am going to have to decline an interview because of scheduling conflicts. It's likely that you can ask the coordinator to reschedule your interview, but do it sooner rather than later since they are trying to arrange professors to align with your interests specifically on the day(s) for you were recruited. Good luck;
  13. Which program did you apply to/are you curious about? I received an interview invite from UW - MCB. It was a general email but did have my name. Received it yesterday around 3pm. "Dear [my name], The University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Joint Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) in Seattle, Washington is delighted to invite you to one of two virtual Recruitment Visits: Visit 1: Wednesday, January 20 – Friday, January 22, 2021 OR Visit 2: Wednesday, February 3 – Friday, February 5, 2021 The visit will begin at 11:0
  14. I heard from Brown yesterday afternoon via phone call. Then an email was sent in the evening. I also heard from UW MCB yesterday afternoon. Just heard from Duke Immunology this afternoon.
  15. The only insight I can give on this is that I also applied to UPenn CAMB MVP and I received an interview invite back on Dec 12 for Feb 4, 5, and 6. This one *may* be done sending invites. I applied to UW MCB (not micro) and just heard back yesterday; also applied to UW immunology but have not heard back yet. So don't give up hope.
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