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  1. Hey all! I've really enjoyed the community in this forum. It looks like I'm rejected from 5/6 of the programs I applied to, which is fine, I'm a software engineer I wasn't expecting too much anyways. However, I'm hoping to continue learning and working on comp bio things in my free time. I made a Discord for anyone who'd like to join; I'm not super familiar with the app, but so far I've created some channels for talking about career, education, discussing technology and even looking for / proposing side project ideas. I hope to make it a collaborative environment where people can bounce
  2. At this point I've assumed I didn't get it / the people who got it aren't on gradcafe
  3. Based on UCSF's email to all interviewing applicants, there are 60 people invited to interviews. Does anyone know if that's high compared to other schools, or is this typical?
  4. Yeah, I saw that but the email sent when applying was that they would send interview invites the week of Jan 11, and with only one data point from an anonymous source not in this forum I'm not sure I trust it / somewhat believe they will send more at some point this week?
  5. Has anyone heard from Stanford BMI yet btw? I know it could still come out later this week, just being impatient haha
  6. I'm not the best example of a candidate, but I also had a 3.1 GPA. I ended up deciding to work at FAAMG software engineering companies for 3 years, and then move into biotech (still as a software engineer) which ended up helping me understand better what I wanted to research, though I've only gotten an interview from UCSF so far. Work experience is also nice since you can leave education for a bit, get a fresh view, and not be in debt
  7. Has anyone who got UCSF BMI interviews received a final schedule? I filled out the qualtics form but haven't heard back yet
  8. Congratulations!!! I also really appreciate that information, thank you for letting us know
  9. Yeah it looks like someone reported Harvard BIG 😕 I did not get an interview so far yet, but also no rejection. When I log into the portal I don't see any information either; I'm super nervous loll
  10. Ope, mb, the January 11 email is from when submitting the application for Stanford BMI, I have that. In the results search on this site, it does look like someone reported an interview already though
  11. I also got rejected from UW; I think it may be because its not comp bio specific that we are competing with a larger/ more diverse pool of applicants? Also, I didn't get an email from Stanford BMI about anything related to the week of January 11; is that a bad sign? I don't mind if it is, just trying to understand
  12. Hello! I just discovered this thread in the midst of admissions anxiety! I applied for PhD to: Stanford BMI Berkeley CB Harvard BIG UW Genome Sciences CMU-Pitt CB UCSF BMI
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