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  1. Anyone here planning to attend UBC's PhD Chem? I would like to connect, as I think I will be attending this school
  2. Hello everyone! I've been accepted to UBC PhD Chemistry and I'm currently trying to find housing. I want to save money and I think rooming together would be a good idea. Please hit me up if you would like to room, even if you're not in the same program!
  3. Hi! I didn't apply to this school, but I am aware of its existence and, more importantly, of its excellence. The main reason I didn't apply to this school is because of the lack of research fit and a research mentor/supervisor that can guide me in my PhD journey in a topic that I'm interested in. For sure, if a research topic that you are interested in is being worked on by the experts at Scripps, it seems only right to try and apply to the institution.
  4. Hi! Who did you email? I don't know whether you are waitlisted yet, but the deadline for confirming for the virtual visit is on March 1. There are still many days to come so you might receive the decision before then
  5. Thank you very much for the information! I just confirmed my attendance to the March 12-14 online event.
  6. Hi! I also got in Texas A&M. Is this event the same as the Online Virtual Graduate Recruitment weekend? The invitation I received falls on the March 12-14 though. How did it go? What can I expect on the event? I'm a little shy, but I'm considering attending if it will really help my PhD journey. Thanks!
  7. Did everybody receive their results for CalTech already? I haven't received any emails yet, and ApplyWeb portal still shows "Submitted". I know prospective students were already invited for interviews, but I'm wondering if anybody tried to reach out to the admissions office regarding the current status if they are still looking for students in PhD Chem. I hope someone can answer! EDIT: My field is Organic/Nano/Materials
  8. Does it make sense to interview ESOP applicants without knowing if they will be admitted to the program? I've read in previous ETH threads that this has been the process ever since: prospective students are interviewed first for the scholarship before they get the admission letter. I can't quite wrap my head around this kind of process. πŸ˜•
  9. Hi everyone, I only got an email that my documents were forwarded to the committee, but no interview invitation yet for ESOP. I applied for MSc Chemistry btw. Wishing for the best for everyone. ☺️
  10. I was looking for it in my HTML application too, but I didn't see it. Now that you mention it, I think I remember choosing organic chemistry for the first one, then entering something else for the second box. I think Org Chem applicants already received their interview requests right?
  11. For CalTech: How do you determine what subfield you belong? My prospective professors have many subfields under their name in their faculty profile. I didn't receive any interviews (so it might mean that I didn't get in), but my prospective professors also have inorganic, chemical biology, and organic in their specialization. However, I didn't mention these subfields anywhere in my SOP.
  12. Congratulations! I'm pretty sure you will get in... I haven't got any news from them yet. I'm slightly preparing myself for the worst. πŸ˜… Thanks for the info
  13. Hello, I can't seem to access the PDF. It says "unavailable" I may attend Texas A&M and I'm looking on where I can possibly live. For bikes, does anyone know a good place to rent/buy one? I would also like to know the current situation in College Station (and in Texas), in terms of COVID, political(?) issues, etc. How are international students treated, especially Asians? I know that there are many international students in Texas A&M, but I guess I would like to hear more personal perspectives/experience. I am quite excited
  14. Congrats and good luck on your interview! Can you share what questions they sent?
  15. Applying to CalTech as well. Do you know what the interview is like? I've seen in the gradschool website that they may conduct interview to verify English language proficiency, since they no longer require TOEFL and GRE test scores to be submitted. So this may be just for international applicants...
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