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  1. This is incredibly helpful, thank you! A writing piece though, that has me nervous 😆. Good luck to you, I will be crossing my fingers for you!
  2. Good to know. Also upsetting that I was provided wrong information and possibly lied to (not sure purposely) but that is quite concerning.
  3. So I haven't heard back from the one school I was waitlisted at. The DCT of the program was very adamant about not reaching out to find out where you are on the waitlist and they would either contact you if you are moved off of waitlist to acceptance or if all their spots have filled. He did say you could reach out if you have received acceptances elsewhere, which I have not. I gather they haven't received all acceptances, but I was thinking of reaching out to my PI to express my interest still (I will note, someone is planning on or has already accepted under my PI). Should I reach out to my
  4. I don't know about Mercer, but I interviewed at a school that is also accredited under contingency and they said even if they lose it while attending (which they aren't planning on it), you still will have attended an APA accredited program (e.g. if they lose accreditation in first year, you're still accredited through graduation). I never followed up on this though since I was waitlisted. I wonder if anyone can confirm this is correct?
  5. It's been hard because whether I'm doing work, school (I'm graduating with my MA in Psych next month) and homeschooling my girls, I still often think about not hearing about my one waitlist and if I have a chance of getting in this year (which seems to diminish as the days go on). I also constantly think of how little my chance is getting of the waitlist since I doubt my mentor will be able to accept two students (I think I have a better chance getting hit by lightning at this point). I just try and keep on keeping on.
  6. Has anyone here interviewed with PCOM? If so, can you provide some insight into how your interview went? It seems as there are no 1 on 1 interviews? And anyone here currently attend PCOM? If so, did you apply for assistantship and receive assistantship funding?
  7. Thank you for sharing this information! This is what I looked for too, but of course it worries me! I will PM you too, thank you.
  8. I saw your comment and applied to one PsyD program that I have an interview for. Can I ask how you found out about which PsyDs are predatory?
  9. In general, is it rare for a mentor to take on more than one student for an intake, right? Just seeing how much of a chance I have, which seems to be like 1 in a billion at this point lol.
  10. This community has been fantastic! There are a few other fellow moms here too. Best of luck in your studies!
  11. You beat me for oldest! I am also so lucky to have amazing support from my spouse, although my kids aren't independent yet (I have a 1 year old and 4 1/2 year old). Congratulations on getting an offer from your top choice!
  12. Can't believe it's only been 12 days since I've been waitlisted from my top pick. It feels like it was 2 months ago. 🥴. Time is going way too slow.
  13. Naah, got you. I'll be turning 36 April 4th. If you're an old fart, I'm ancient as eff. Also have two kids, one who turned 1 today and an almost 5 year old.
  14. I gather this will vary for each program - some probably send out offers to those on waitlist within a few days of receiving others denying acceptance and some may wait. I remember reading here someone heard in the beginning of June that they were accepted to a program off of waitlist.
  15. Trying to not be that person to ask and I've been holding out, but since I'm waiting to hear about interview invite to one school and waitlisted on the other, is anyone giving up their acceptances to Rowan? This is my first choice and I've been waitlisted (although I have no idea where I am on the list). You can PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting 😉.
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