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    quantummoon got a reaction from lipward in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    I have to wonder how much the process can actually be quantified by "stats" this year. I've always thought the personal statement and letters of recommendation were most important; GPAs can only really be judged in the context of your own institution and many schools did not require the GRE this year - I didn't submit any scores at all. Number of publications and presentations can also mean different things depending on the research you're involved in and the quality of those pubs/posters. I don't see how comparing "stats" could really give any useful information, but more power to you.
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    quantummoon reacted to PlantWitch in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    I'm a little late to the party, but I got accepted to UMich (Ann Arbor) and Berkeley for pchem a couple weeks ago! I'm still waiting to hear back from Boulder and MIT, so the suffering continues 💔
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    quantummoon got a reaction from Robpat in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    Just got an email a few hours ago!
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    quantummoon reacted to a.rose in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    Being able to look here and see that we're all in the same boat waiting for responses is really nice. I hope that you all are hearing back from your schools and that you get into a school that you're excited about!
    These next few weeks are going to be stressful but we've got this! Good luck everyone!
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    quantummoon reacted to elle_chem in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    Firstly congratulations on the interview!! and wow, do you know if you'll know whether you're accepted after your informal interviews? I never did any informal interviews, just got the formal interview invite back in December to their interview weekends in feb and march and I have no idea if the weekend is more like a recruitment thing or a serious interview type thing
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    quantummoon reacted to certain_sweet_ochem in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    My interview was 1/4, she told me I would hear at the earliest, 1/15, but im anticipating hearing back sometime this week. I know some people were interviewed the week of 1/11, which makes me think only second round people were interviewd again for 5 mins?? I have no idea tho TBH, and it doesnt really matter because it is out of our control. Bottom line- dont worry! If you are admitted or not it is likely for the best  
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    quantummoon reacted to yeetamus in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    To respond to some of the Caltech questions: I was emailed on 1/11 for an interview that happened 1/12. Heard back on Sunday asking for a short zoom meeting which was today - it wasn't a second interview, just letting me know I was accepted. I'm in the organic division.
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    quantummoon reacted to ashortchemist in 2021 Chemistry PhD Admissions Results   
    This is a great attitude to have!

    It’s easy to get caught up on a certain school, but the reality is that you will probably have a similar caliber experience and career prospects at most of the top 10/ top 15 schools.
    Not to mention that just going to grad school is a huge accomplishment that not many achieve. I hope you hear back soon, though!!!
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