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  1. On 4/10/2021 at 5:27 AM, IvanC said:

    Hi guys! 

    As you know, I was accepted to the University of Illinois and the University of Alabama. I already accepted Illinois’s offer, but I can change my decision until April 15th. If you guys had to choose between these two outstanding universities, which one would you choose?


    Stipend: USD 12,738

    Health insurance: partial 

    Proof of funding: USD 24,000 (for myself + dependents)

    Sponsor: a friend of mine, an American citizen.

    - - -


    Stipend: USD 14,364

    Health insurance: full coverage 

    Proof of funding: USD 16,036 (because I have 3 dependents - if it were only me, I would need to show proof of funding of USD 1,036) 

    Loomis Scholarship funding (book aid): USD 800

    Sponsor: I wouldn’t need a sponsor at the UA. I can use my own funds. 

    I’m curious to know which one you guys would choose. 



    Hey Ivan!! Sorry this is coming too late but I would choose Alabama! IT just seems like there's so much more financial support which can really affect your graduate school experience! Let us know what you decided!

  2. I'd open the email thanking them for the offer and recognizing the work and time they put into reviewing your app, and then move to briefly explaining that you were accepted into another school that is more aligned with your goals and scholarship! Im also in the exact same position as you but I've been informed that schools dont really hold things against applicants who choose a different school. I will probably also express interest in working with the faculty member in some capacity in the future (in my field pppl from different institutions frequently collaborate) because I am genuinely interested in their work!

  3. 20 hours ago, IvanC said:

    Just an update: 

    Here’s the email I sent yesterday: 

    Dear Mark,

    In your email, you have stated the following: "If you have additional information showing your Bachelor’s degree program was a four year program when you were enrolled, we will review your application again."

    Therefore I am writing to ask that you please reconsider your decision with regards to my admission case given the additional information about my degree that is provided in the attached letter from A. S., Registrar of University Anhembi Morumbi. As you requested, this letter certifies that my Bachelor's degree program was a four year program when I was enrolled.


    Ivan Crespo

    The letter says: 

    To whom it may concern:

    I am writing this letter to certify that the degree Mr. IVAN CRESPO received from University Anhembi Morumbi is a full four-year LICENCIATURA/BACHELOR’s degree that required a minimum of 2840 credit hours when Mr. Crespo was enrolled at our university. Our students have the option to finish the LICENCIATURA degree sooner than in four years if they take more courses per semester. Mr. Crespo took more courses per semester than other students and was able to graduate with the four-year LICENCIATURA degree in three years' time instead of four years.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at xcopacabana@xxxxxx or Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 690 - Rio de Janeiro or +55(21)xxxxxxx(Portuguese).


    Registrar - Diretora e Coordenadora de Polo.

    And that’s their reply:

    Hello Ivan,


    The graduate admissions evaluators have completed another extensive review of your credentials.  We still do not see your degree to be comparable to a four year degree in the U.S.


    We also called in our resource from Brazil, who is on staff at Iowa State.  She is our former Assistant Director of International Admissions Processing.  After reviewing all of your documents and navigating through websites she did not find your degree to be equivalent to a four year degree in the U.S.


    At this point, you may want to pursue studying at another university.  It’s possible another university may accept your degree, but it is not accepted for admission to the graduate program at Iowa State University.


    We wish you the best,


    MARK GILBERTSON  Assistant Director of Admissions Operations 

    markg@iastate.edu | 515 294-4865



    Office of Admissions

     It’s sad but I gave up. I now have only 2 chances: 


    University of Alabama 

    I do hope they accept my degree 😢😢😢

    so sorry Ivan but very proud of you for advocating for yourself! It is good to question things that dont seem right, definitely dont give up and continue to fight for what you know u deserve! 

  4. On 2/16/2021 at 10:59 PM, Warelin said:

    Other schools are not notified when you've accepted an offer. However, it is expected that you'll reject all other offers as soon as you know you are not going to accept their offer. This allows them to pass offers to other candidates who hope to get in who might be holding onto offers that others want to get into.

    definitely! I just did not want to accept an offer without letting the other schools know first in case they found out in some way, I felt like that would have been rude. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, IvanC said:

    The Registrar of UAM issued a new document that says I was enrolled in a full 4-year program, but I took more courses/credits every semester and was able to graduate in 3 years instead of 4 years. 

    I just hope this is sufficient documentation! 

    I think that it is the fact that you are coming from an International institution that is making the review more difficult for you... which should not be the case and in all honesty sounds a bit discriminatory to me :(. Maybe I misunderstand but If the issue is with the number of years it took... Graduating early does not take away from the fact that you have a degree from a 4 year institution no?? I hope this works out for you :(

  6. 3 hours ago, IvanC said:

    Dear Ivan:

    In our review of your application for admission to Iowa State University for graduate study and your supporting credentials, a thorough evaluation of your previous education was completed.  


    Our review indicates that you do not have the prerequisite degree requirements for consideration for graduate study.  Iowa State University does not consider a three-year degree from  Universidade Anhembi Morumbi as comparable to a US bachelor’s degree. 

    Thank you for your interest in Iowa State University. 






    Assistant Director of Admissions Operations

    Oh no!! I am so sorry! Did you email your POI? DIdn't he say that everything seems okay on his hand? Email them again, also see if you could have a better explanation of why your degree is considered a BS, have them point out the specific classes you need, etc.! 

  7. 41 minutes ago, IvanC said:

    He replied to my last message: 

    “I'm really hoping that you will get your letter soon. I am monitoring progress, and everything is looking good now.” 

    I believe it’s a more positive message 😅😅😅

    it is very normal to receive a letter from your POI before the official acceptance! He is technically right, but while his message was blunt and seemed scary you were definitely accepted already so your celebration was justified :)! 

  8. 19 hours ago, IvanC said:

    Guys, I was accepted to Iowa State University. Fully funded! 

    My first acceptance came from my top choice school. I’m so happy! 



    10 hours ago, kso1634 said:

    I was accepted to the French Linguistics program at Indiana-Bloomington! Still waiting on the decision regarding funding. Keeping my fingers crossed because if I'm fully funded this is my dream school and I will absolutely be going there.

    this is so amazing! congrats you both!!

  9. I had a 15 minute interview for a program I was admitted to! I am sure this is normal and do not worry too much, you never know how you did comparatively! And besides, looking back at any interview... we always feel like we could've improved in some way! 

  10. 16 hours ago, paulacole said:

    Hey all! Congrats on the acceptances so far everyone! 

    I have an interview this week and as I'm preparing, I'm just curious what interview questions you all have been asked this year? Any suggestions for questions to ask, or better yet, what *not* to ask?

    I've had two interviews with different schools so far and they couldn't have been more different... one was a very casual and informal conversation with three faculty members — honestly their questions felt like lobs so I left the interview feeling great!

    The other interview was way more formal and the questions were super generic to the point that they caught me off-guard. I was expecting specific questions but it was very much like "What do you expect of this program" and "What are you reading" etc. I left feeling like I totally bombed, so I really want to do well on this next one!

    Any advice or insight is much appreciated!


    those types of interviews seem so stressful, I hate questions like that omg! I just did my best to ask what I was genuinely worried about, like training. the department I want to join at Stanford does a lot of outreach work, so I asked questions like "how does the training of new research students work" or like "when I can expect to start actively contributing the projects" stuff like that!

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