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  1. Yes, also received an interview invite for Brown BSHS!
  2. Hi there! I've worked mostly in HIV and sexual health research. I didn't have any publications until around April 2021, and when I submitted my apps I had 4 publications.
  3. Hi everyone! The two schools that I am waiting to hear back from are Brown (PhD in Social and Behavioral Sciences) and Hopkins (PhD in Social and Behavioral Sciences in the HBS Department). Has anyone heard back from these yet? Good luck all
  4. Has anyone heard anything at all from USC's PhD in Population, Health and Place?
  5. Hi! Today I was told that they are still working towards decisions and we should hear back in the next few weeks. Reading "few weeks" hurt lol
  6. Hi there! Looking at your updated schools list, did you receive a rejection letter from Michigan? Or is that based on people receiving acceptances?
  7. following!! I haven't heard anything back yet
  8. I also applied for USC PHP program and have heard nothing back yet
  9. Thank you! And yeah, I had a friend interview at UMich already for the same program and they mentioned sending decisions out in waves -- assuming no responses is a good sign so far haha! Good luck
  10. Hi all! So if we haven't received anything from Stanford yet .... does that mean we should just expect a rejection? Lol Also, any updates from NYU or UMich? I also applied to USC but for the PhD in Population, Health and Place....anyone else?
  11. Alrighty, first time posting! After reading through I see most of the same things, but here are my apps and statuses: 1) Brown BSHS - Rejected 2) Emory BSHE - Rejected 3) JHU SBS - No response 4) UMich HBHE - No response 5) USC Population, Health and Place - No response
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