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    EmmaMoon reacted to Henry13579 in Master programs in Molecular biology/ biomedical science suggestions?   
    I understand that this might be too realistic, but I think this somehow reflects part of the truth.
    After GRExit, it is extremely difficult for international students to get admission to US BioMed PhD programs, especially during this pandemic.
    Lots of domestic students are now doing research assistants at top schools (Ivy, UC), getting co-authorships in top tier journals, and getting strong letters from professors from these schools.
    Maybe you would say, 'hey! Domestic students and international students belong to different pools, sooooo I guess that would not affect my application as an international student.'
    Well, this might somehow be true 2 or 3 year ago. BUT this is totally not the case now. 
    This year even Biomed programs of Ivy schools are recruiting a higher proportion of domestic students than ever.  
    It is extremely painful for international students to apply to Biomed PhD programs this year.
    I've known many international students with US Bachelor degrees, no green cards and no publications having difficulty getting interviews for PhD programs this year.
    So, my suggestion would be:
    1. if you do have permanent residence, it is better to find a research technician position at a top school rather than getting a Master. Why is that? because it would be an disadvantage if one does have a master degree but has no publications or strong letters from renowned professors.
    2. if you do not have green card or US citizenship, then getting a master degree at top schools might somehow help. Try one's best to establish connections and getting pubs.
    3. This is increasingly important. Think of what you can do to contribute to diversity and take actions, and let your accomplishments be part of your CV.
    I have never thought of this excruciating feeling of applying to US Biomed PhD programs this year as an international student this year, but it really hurts.
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    EmmaMoon got a reaction from L-Dopamean in Master programs in Molecular biology/ biomedical science suggestions?   
    I am looking for master programs in molecular biology or biomedical science for the Fall 2021 semester. Do you have any suggestions?
    I have applied to Ph.D program in this cycle as well, but got rejected mostly. So, I thought I should look for master programs.
    I am an international student, currently studying biology in liberal art college in the US.
    Thanks in advance and good luck to anyone applying in this cycle.
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