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  1. I haven’t emailed any yet if it makes you feel any better 😭🤣 My goal is to email for end of July as they will know by then about their incoming students of 2021!
  2. if you do not mind terminal Master's program, then 100% i would apply to Laurentian Like I said, you can still apply to be a psychological associate (masters level psychologist) with the CPO with that degree. I work in private practice with competency in clinical psychology with children, adolescents, and adults. I really want to get into research again though and perhaps teaching so that is why I want to go back. A lower GPA may not be too bad with all of the extracurricular activities. That was smart to redo a year to improve your grade and research experience! Fingers crossed for you
  3. One of the best things my master's supervisor ever told me was that getting into the PhD is a matter of "when" and not "if". We just have to be persistent because one year we may be more competitive in applications than in others! Clinical psychology is a tough program to get into (more so than med and law school) and so we cant take it personally when we get those rejections ❤️ Good luck! Hopefully this forum will be a good tool for suggestions and recommendations throughout the application process!
  4. LU was a great school, but just be mindful that the master's terminates and that there is no PhD program, which makes it harder to continue because you then have to find another school to take you on for PhD and they are more likely to accept their own master's students That's my problem now! As for schools, we are applying to many of the same I am applying to master's/combined programs at U Windsor (child track), McMaster RCT program, U Guelph (Clinical child program), Western (if they choose to forgo the GRE), York U, U of T (school and clinical child program), and PhD at U Waterloo
  5. Clinical psychology is also my dream <3, that is why I feel like I will apply to master's if needed...even though I've already done one that was pretty much clinical in nature! I did my master's in applied psychology at Laurentian University. We took courses for psychopathology and psychodiagnosis, psychological intervention, individual differences, statistics. I graduated in 2018 and have since been deemed eligible to begin registration as a psychological associate with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. However, I REALLY want to be a PhD level psychologist. I really enjoyed my maste
  6. I am also wondering if it is too early?! Same here, just wanting to be prepared haha. Mind you, some of the potential supervisors I emailed last year (UWaterloo and Western) said they don't return emails as they dont want to be biased in assessing applications. So if they did not reply I maybe that is why?
  7. Good luck! It is quite the process, exhilarating and anxiety inducing at the same time. Hopefully this will be a great forum for support through the process. Have you started looking at potential supervisors?
  8. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and suggestions! Great work persisting through 3 cycles. It is so tough to get into these PhD clinical psychology programs. I have pretty amazing grades, publications, conference presentations, and so so much more..... and I did not even get an interview this year. Just crushed me. That is why I am considering a second master's. Perhaps an MSc instead of MA. And, hopefully they may take some of my credits [fingers crossed]. Best of luck to you too. Hopefully this thread will be of some help to everyone this cycle!
  9. This is a forum to discuss everything application related for the cohort for fall 2022 to clinical psychology graduate programs in Canada. This is my second cycle applying to PhD, and have decided to also apply to second Master's programs (I already have a Master's degree in applied psychology) as it seems that most schools take their own Master's students to PhD first. I wonder if anyone else has been in a similar position?
  10. I have been working towards my registration as a psychological associate since I graduated with my Masters in Applied Psychology from Laurentian University in 2018. I put in the application and was deemed eligible by the college of psychologists of Ontario. You have to send in an application and they go through all of your courses to see if you have the requirements for the competencies sought. Feel free to DM for more info. Edited to say that I have just applied to PhDs this year, but am still finishing registration in the meantime.
  11. I applied to Western's School and Applied Child Psychology program, PhD. I have not yet heard anything yet! I did get a rejection last week from Western's Clinical Program sadly but nothing yet from the Education department.
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