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  1. Just received an update from Columbia that I would receive additional partial funding. With that and with Fulbright my tuition would be covered! Very happy about it Still deciding between Cambridge (so far basically unfunded, but generally cheaper to live) and Columbia. Any thoughts?
  2. Congratulations on your great offers! I agree with everything that has been already said by "cheetah", but want to add a few thoughts and insights that I received from several alumni that worked at both Fletcher and SAIS before (students and non-tenured faculty/postdocs) - Fletcher is generally known for having more "research-focused" professors. Their close connection to Tufts allows Fletcher to have quite a few research projects that are also being recognized outside the policy world. The Fletcher-PhD also seems to be relatively academically renowned and the connection to some Harvard gra
  3. Thank you so much for your invaluable help, I really appreciate it! Thank you! It would only be a partial funding and I am still waiting for a few other scholarships/fellowships to finance Columbia completely. In the end, Columbia would be on a level financially with most of the other options (since I will likely have financial aid at the other programs as well), but the brand "Fulbright" seems to be quite a big one in the US. Another question to both of you: Quant background and methods seem to play a big role for US PhD (applications). I did a few courses in my Bachelor, but defin
  4. Thank you so much for your quick response. Yes, I would have a Fulbright scholarship for Columbia and sadly only for Columbia. It would lift off a big financial burden but not everything, although I am still waiting on some national scholarships to fund the master completely. The only fear I have with Columbia is the interdisciplinarity of the degree, which combines political science and South Asia, but is not a typical terminal US program in political science, but something weirdly else. I really like the idea and would love to go there, but am just wondering how useful it might be for PhD
  5. Hello dear forum, I have been reading here quietly for a while now, since there are two questions in particular driving me around that I haven't been able to answer properly yet: 1) Should I apply for PhDs this year (for a start in fall 2022) with my current profile and thus have only studied a few months in my Master? and 2) Which of the Master's programs best fits my focus and could still best "push" my PhD applications? Goal: I would prefer to do a PhD in Comparative Politics or IR theory, keeping a focus on South Asia. Most of the exciting programs I am hav
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