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  1. I know that not all applicants are on this forum, but with the amount of people here that are on the waitlist for Western and only one person moving off the wait list I’m genuinely surprised there hasn’t been a bit more movement then that.
  2. Hope everyone is doing well! Just wondering if anyone has seen any movement on any 2 year MSW waitlists? More specifically Westerns? I know many don’t reveal where you stand on the waitlist which makes this process even more stressful, but maybe someone got some insider information the rest of us don’t have (unluckily but one can hope lol).
  3. I’m also wondering about this because there have been a handful of people who have decided to attend other schools and not accept their offer to Western, but I haven’t seen anyone here move off the waitlist yet.
  4. Hope everyone is keeping well! Does anyone know which 2 year MSW programs have yet to inform applicants? With a bunch of people on waitlists at various school it would be helpful information to know. I know York has yet to notify applicants, but I am wondering if there were any other schools?
  5. Hello all, congratulations to those who have received offers thus far! I am just wondering if there has been any recent movement on Kings/ Westerns waitlist? I have all my eggs in one basket now lol.
  6. For those who are still waiting, I got my rejection email from Laurier an hour ago, last name S if that matters. Best of luck to all those who are still waiting. Hoping a spot opens up at Kings as I am still on the wait list there 🙂
  7. Congratulations! Did you just hear back now?
  8. If I’m not mistaken, only people with A last names heard yesterday, right?
  9. Is it fair to assume Laurier is done for the evening? And does anyone know how long this process usually drags out for?
  10. For those of you who was applied to Laurier’s is one year MSW program, did you have to hand in your application earlier than previous years? I know that they informed 1 year applicants later than normal this year, and I’m wondering if that will be the case for the 2 year applicants even though applications had to be in earlier then usual.
  11. I’m also wondering how Laurier sends out their admissions, if anyone knows? Historically, is it as drawn out as UOT? Or will they all be sent out relatively around the same time?
  12. Is there anywhere that states how many people often get waitlisted? I know there was a post a while back saying they often do 2 rounds of waitlists due to people opting to attend MSW programs with funding but I haven’t seen anything other then that.
  13. I hate to sound like a broken record but I know I’m not the only one wondering lol, but has anyone who have been accepted to UOT declining admission to other MSW programs they’ve already been accepted to? For 2 year non-BSW
  14. If you don’t mind me asking, Did you apply anywhere else aside from Laurier and UOT?
  15. Congrats to all of those who have got into UOT and best wishes for all of you who are still awaiting their response! Just wondering if any of you who have been offered admissions to UOT and have been accepted to Westerns 2-year that will be rejecting your offer?
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