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    25-35 people in the same discipline sounds like a lot. I don't know about these programs specifically, but any difference in alleged "prestige" would seem negligible in these 2 schools. I'd choose based on price and which school has cooler faculty and more student support. I'd assume the connections would be the same, as they likely recruit/compete for the same teachers (unless they have a specific structure for studio visits that makes them unique). Also you're in NY--make your own connections.
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    Thanks! I’ll definitely ask SVA about it. I don’t have a website either, sorry. I wasn’t photography or fine art major before and haven’t had enough series of photos to put up a website. Btw, congrats on your acceptance to CalArts too (just saw your new post)! I don’t know if you know much about Parsons MFA photography, what do you think of it compared to SVA? It seems to me that SVA may have better connections, reputation and stuff so I didn’t consider Parsons in the first place. But I learned that Parsons will maintain a relatively small group of MFA students (about 12-15) but SVA seems to have 25-35 each year and the diversity is less at SVA. What do you think?
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    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Lacking info about SVA still got me debating. But I’m leaning towards CalArts now.
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    Thank you! I appreciate it. I don’t run an Instagram account though. I’ve talked to some CalArts faculty before but haven’t got in touch with any SVA faculty/alumni. Do you know a good way to maybe chat with some current student?
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    SVA or CalArts??   I got into CalArts's and SVA's MFA Photography program this year, but I'm struggling with the final decision. To me, New York seems to be a better place to study contemporary photography and has more chances to find a job, but overall CalArts has a better reputation on this program but is located in a relatively poor location (Valencia, 30mi away from center of LA) to develop photography as an art, have a lively social life and find a well-paid job after graduation (I could be wrong about CalArts, though). P.S., SVA offers me 3-year admission and CalArts is regular 2-year. And neither provides any scholarships, tuitions are quite similar but living in New York cost about 1/3 more and needs an extra half a year to a year.   Any additional information or suggestion will be appreciated!  
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