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  1. For a while now I would get frustrated with my William Optics Z61 scope thinking I didn’t have enough light capturing power to get most galaxies outside of the Milky Way. Last night it dawned on me that my 360mm focal length scope was the reason I could barely capture these DSO’s any bigger than a spec, let alone to get any detail with a galaxy like m106 or the pinwheel galaxy. For deeper sky objects like these that are roughly 20 to 25 million light years away, what’s the minimum focal length needed to gather great details? Am I limited by my Canon t3i dslr as well since it’s not a
  2. Why don't electrons crash into the nucleus? My entire academic career this question has been glossed over. I mean, electrons are negatively charged, protons are positively charged, we all know the implications. I remember when I first learn about the Gold Foil experiment, they brought up my above point as a potential hole in the experiment's logic, then never revisited the idea. I also ask a teacher this once, but he said it was a complicated solution (which I perfectly understand) and that he didn't think he could explain it adequately.
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