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  1. No, I don't think this is outdated information. This is really the main difference between applications for US and UK schools (at least in my opinion). Good thing is deadlines for programs in the UK is a little later than those in the US, so there's still a bit of time!
  2. For me, I would definitely apply to every single program that can accommodate my interests (unfortunately there aren't many....)
  3. I asked a professor of mine for the format of the title page, and he told me I didn't need one, so I won't be including a title page for my writing sample. I also included a part of the literature review relevant to the piece and edited/rewrote it, so no table of contents in my writing sample either. But these are, of course, what I did only and not necessarily the right practice. 🙂
  4. I think the language proficiency requirement doesn't work like that in the US...but then again some schools (e.g. Stanford) waive the test if the applicant has a degree in an Anglophone country or a degree in which English was the sole medium of instruction. But of course, many are still requiring proficiency test scores and GRE scores (e.g. Yale). No...I don't think IELTS has the same requirement (and I was also not aware of the 2/3 months requirement by TOEFL....) Good luck!!
  5. Where does it state that applicants need to take TOEFL 2/3 months before deadline?! TOEFL is also not the only English proficiency test that US schools accept. What about taking IELTS instead?
  6. Good luck!! But I won't be applying for the English program because the faculty is just not the same... I want to know too! I feel like if I propose a very small niche that might make me look like I'm inflexible and unwilling to learn things outside the area. If I put down a broad area then it might mean that I don't know the topic enough. My professors are not sharing much information and advice with me too. I hope this is not because no one, professors and students included, actually knows the answer to this question??
  7. My guess is that program is Duke? I was hugely disappointed when I found that out 😭😭😭
  8. One question: is it just me that it seems weird some of grad programs are not posting graduate students' email addresses on their websites? I thought it'd be a good idea to reach out to some of them and see what they think about their programs. Without an email address the programs directly cut them off from outside communications. Is this some sort of red flag?
  9. THIS. Would anyone be so kind as to share their writing samples and personal statements? (Don't worry, I'm not applying for programs in English, so I won't be in competition with you in any way in the future 😊) Thank you!!!
  10. Thank you for your reply! If I ever get to choose which program to attend, I'll surely let them know why I'm rejecting them, haha!
  11. I have a question - probably not the first time someone raised this question but I did a quick search and nothing came up. So... Online applications often ask you to provide the other graduate schools to which you are applying. Why does the adcomm/the school need to know about this, and should we provide them with such information? (When I applied for my MA I didn't give them my program choices, but now I wonder if I should do it this time)
  12. I have the same question for Yale's Film and Media Studies...
  13. Which programs are you looking at? 🤔 (I'm just trying to help 😊) I think most list their English requirement for international students on their program websites; some on the graduate school website. If you were talking about not being able to find the info on Oxbridge's requirement, here it is: https://www.postgraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/international/competence-english When to take the language test ... For the majority of courses, if a language test is required, you do not have to provide the results of your language test at the point of application, and you can submit y
  14. I believe you have to submit your English language proficiency test results by the time you submit your application. Even for my masters I sent in my result with my application too. I know that some of the British universities allow you to submit them after you're given a conditional offer (i.e. Oxbridge), but I think mostly it doesn't work like that in the U.S. Some universities in the U.S. (e.g. Stanford) waive this requirement if you have studied in universities where English was the only medium of instruction, but most universities still require international students from non-Angloph
  15. That's what I did when I first started looking for programs. But like labradoole said the thing is most academics who published works I am interested in are either retired or work in universities/programs that aren't right for me (as an international student I have some serious concerns about where I will be staying for the next 5 years. I heard some places were impossible to live in without a car. There are of course many other factors like the languages they offer - some universities like Yale and Emory clearly prefer French to German. And then there's the 3rd language...applying for comp. l
  16. I worked with a professor who was the only person in the department that was knowledgeable in critical theories for my thesis. I was hoping I could write something with critical theories, but in the end he steered me toward something he researched on, which was not critical theories...
  17. That's what I thought too! I'm definitely applying for comparative literature programs but I'm still a little tempted to apply for some film programs. Last year I applied to a few film programs (since most programs paused admission) but got rejected by all of them (and NYU decided to not to take in any students in the end...). I'm still undecided at this point but I do hope that more programs are accepting students this year!
  18. Hello everyone! It's likely that I'll be applying to a few film studies programs too - I haven't quite decided yet as I have a bit of background in both literatures and films, so I might apply to both. Is this not a good strategy?
  19. Sorry for my late reply! It's been a very busy couple of days... This is so true. In one of my classes the professor gave everyone an A-. When I heard that those who did not take his class managed to get 4.0 GPA, I just felt it was so unfair. Thank you for being so encouraging! Yes, I am more than my application, but because of many other reasons this round of application is particularly important for me. I am hoping that my 3.8 GPA isn't going to hurt me (too much)... I do have "evidence" to substantiate my claim (but I'm not going to post the details here because the
  20. Hi everyone. I'd love to hear your views on this: During my MA studies, I took a class purely out of interest. Because I was not as familiar with the topic as the students studying the field, I took an approach common in my own area of studies to do the work for this class. In fact, half of the grad students in the seminar were from a different department / school, so I was not the only one. After finishing the semester, I was too preoccupied on various things, such as working on my thesis, so much that I did not check my grades until much later. And honestly, at that point I was pretty c
  21. I'm not in the same field as you do (I'm in the humanities), but I highly not recommend working part-time while attending grad school full-time. When I did my full-time MA, I constantly felt like time was not enough. Before starting my MA, I heard from some grad students that the transitioning from undergrad to grad studies was huge, and they needed some adjusting, so I was prepared. I had worked for several years in a very busy job (overtime work was the norm, sometimes I worked from 9 to 12), so going into grad school was okay for me. But it was definitely intense, and burnout was not unhear
  22. I don't think it's weird if you're planning to apply for PhD programs but not writing a thesis. I think what really matters is you handing in a good writing sample when you apply. I myself don't plan on submitting my MA thesis as the writing sample for my applications, as I will be applying to a different field from my previous studies. You might ask why I didn't write my thesis in the area I plan to pursue in my PhD. That is because when you write your thesis you typically want to work in same research areas as your advisor. Not many professors were available for advising during my studies (a
  23. Anyone has used admission consulting services? For those who did, do you think they were helpful and worth the money? After getting rejected from all of the programs I applied to in the last round - even though I applied to far fewer than the general consensus of 10 programs because many paused admissions - I just really, really want to get into at least one program in this coming application season. 🙁
  24. Thanks again for your help! All the best in your PhD studies! 😊
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