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  1. Do know you any grad schools that CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is valid to prove international students' English proficiency in the admission process?
  2. So sorry for a very dumb question. For international admission, how long do/did you think to need? Plus, where do/did you start with on the application process? I am Japanese and thinking to apply for SIPA program.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply! I have felt that SIPA seems easier to get into since my tutor recommended SIPA, which she graduated from. I know SIPA needs to cost a lot, so this is my biggest concern! Thinking of Lee Kuan Yew, it costs less, and it also offers a program for international affairs. (It concentrates on Asia, though.) This is why it came to mind. I have been working for international exchange since I graduated from university. I am eager to push my career in this field. In this sense, SIPA sounds like the right choice. Plus, speaking of the reputation, these schools are
  4. Hi everyone! I really need your advice. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Columbia SIPA are what I would like to go to; therefore, I have been wondering which I should apply. I, of course, will apply for both, but these application processes seem quite different, so my question is that which school I should focus on more when applying. Let me know if you know which school is easier to get into. As for the programs, I understand that they offer totally different. Obviously, the end goal of going to graduate school is a career, and above everything, I want to secure a good jo
  5. Hello there! I hope you are doing well during unusual pandemics around the world. I have been working on the application process for LKYSPP, which is my first-choice school. I have taken TOEFL again and again in order to get a higher score. Looking at the application checklist, the Admissions Committee does not set minimum scores for admissibility, but they indicate successful applicants usually achieve or exceed the following scores: 100 on the TOEFL internet-based test. If my score is below 100 and is roughly 80-90, does means that I can't be a competitive candidate for this progr
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