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    Hi! I also applied to clinical psych programs during my 4th year of undergrad. I found it helpful to start my first drafts of my SOI and CGS-M application during the summer. Because I started so early, I had lots of time to ask for feedback. I also made a list of potential interview questions during the summer and would frequently look over them and think about them (but I didn't start actually practicing answers until I was invited to interview).
    I also questioned whether I was competitive enough throughout the process. I didn't have any publications or even experience at conferences. My best advice would be to reach out to anyone that you can. If it weren't for my mentors (I had an awesome mentor through the CPA mentorship program and a grad student from my lab who mentored me throughout the process), I doubt that I would have been as competitive as I was. These mentors not only helped me to build a competitive application but provided much needed emotional support. That application process was one of the hardest things that I have done in my life!
    Please feel free to reach out about the application process at Ryerson. I wasn't accepted at Ryerson but I did go through the interview process both with my POI and the clinical interview. 
    I hope that this helps   
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    Brionnem reacted to BeezKnees in 2022-2023 Clinical Psychology Applications - Canada   
    Hi all,
    I'm a current PhD clinical psychology student at York U. If anyone has any questions about the application process or York U specifically, they can feel free to reach out to me!
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